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Duvet, Comforter, and Duvet Cover

by Vicki Fulop

So, you’re ready to create your ultimate sleep-space, but you don’t know where to start.

Just getting through all of the bedding definitions can be confusing – what’s the difference between a duvet, duvet cover, and a comforter, and what do they all mean?

We’re here to clear it up once and for all.

Duvet is a term that hails from France and technically means comforter cover – but in the U.S. it’s used synonymously with comforter. So a duvet, aka comforter, is just a lofty, warm blanket consisting of a (usually quilted) shell filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber. You can shop for our comforters here.

The duvet goes inside of a duvet cover, which functions like a pillowcase does for pillows. The duvet cover protects your duvet, and helps your bed look good. You can shop for our duvet covers here.

{Pro tip: if you want a quick way to refresh your room, get a new set of pillowcases and a duvet cover – they’re a simple and inexpensive way to make your space look and feel brand new.}

A duvet + duvet cover combination is commonly used instead of a blanket + top-sheet (so no more kicking your top-sheet down in the middle of the night), although we like having both. That way, if the mood ever strikes, we can toss the duvet and its cover, throw a light blanket over the top-sheet, and keep snoozing.

In fact, you can throw our duvets around as much as you want, since our duvet covers come with internal corner-ties that help keep your duvet in place, not bunched up at the end. It makes making your bed a whole lot easier too.

Want to know more about duvets? Click here to learn all about duvet fillings and construction, and why they matter, or go here to make sure you’re caring for your comforter correctly (don’t worry, it’s super easy).

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