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Sateen vs. Percale – The Breakdown

by Rich Fulop

Chocolate or Vanilla? Summer or Winter? Salty or Sweet? PERCALE OR SATEEN?

Battle-lines have been drawn and gauntlets thrown down, but you can’t tell us to do nothin’. We’ll get that ice cream swirled, dip it in some pretzels, and eat it in our dream summer-house while lounging in our percale sheets. And then we’ll cozy up in sateen after hitting the slopes come winter-time.

What we’re trying to say is, percale and sateen are equally awesome but different weaves, and which you end up choosing is all about what you like.

Percale is a “plain” weave (that means the yarn goes one-over and one-under) that results in a matte finish that’s cool and crisp to the touch. It’s lightweight and breathable, which makes it especially perfect for the summer months or people that tend to get hot when they sleep. [Our Classic collection is percale – shop it here]

Sateen has a silky-smooth finish with a buttery-soft feel and a luminous sheen. It’s a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave, which also means its more tightly spun, slightly heavier in weight, and sleeps a bit warmer than percale. It’s perfect for year-round comfort. [Our Luxe collection is sateen – shop it here]

The cotton behind both weaves is the same 100% long-staple Egyptian goodness, and the weaves are the special sauce. Shop now and let us know where your loyalties lie (or get both, like us.)

At Brooklinen, we set out to
make the best sheets ever and
sell them at an accessible price.
And we did just that!

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