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6 "Quarantine & Chill" Essentials

We did a little digging and discovered a handful of items that will turn your time indoors into a stay-cation in no time.

Apr 09, 2020

Let’s face it: Even though it’s socially responsible, being stuck inside all the time for quarantine isn’t always fun. Fortunately, we did a little digging and discovered a handful of items that will turn your time indoors into a stay-cation in no time. From comfy loungewear to good books and beyond, here's your survival pack to getting through quarantine comfortably. 

Loungewear | ALIGN : LEFT

1. Comfy Loungewear

Never underestimate the feel-good power of comfortable clothes. Soft and stylish loungewear, like the Delancey Tee and Bed-Stuy Pant for women and the Prospect Tee and Bushwick Pant for men, will ensure you stay comfy and cozy when you’re at home—without looking like you’re dressed for bed. 

2. Good Books

An interesting book can make quarantine a breeze. Take a mental trip around the world with an invigorating book about international travel, like NYT. 36 Hours. World. 150 Cities from Abu Dhabi to Zurich by Taschen or spend a few minutes journaling every day—The Five Minute Journal is filled with inspirational prompts to get you started–so you can channel your inner writer to keep yourself entertained (and sane).

3. Super Plush Towels

We know you’ve been washing your hands a lot more than usual, so why not dry off with an extra plush towel for a change? Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Bath Sheet Bundle is composed of insanely soft 100% Turkish cotton and comes with two bath sheets, two hand towels, and a bath mat so you can dry off in style (without aggravating your skin).

Weighted Comforter, Graphite Duvet Cover | ALIGN : RIGHT

4. Weighted Comforter 

If you aren’t already hip to the benefits of weighted blankets then now’s the time to smarten up. Designed with glass beads—instead of non-biodegradable plastic microbeads that can be bad for the environment—sewn into pockets throughout the fabric, our Weighted Comforter provides deep pressure therapy (DPT) that naturally relaxes the nervous system so you can fall asleep faster and sleep like a baby all night long.  

5. Fragrant Candles

A little aromatherapy can go a long way at home. Research shows that certain scents actually have the ability to affect our mental and physical health by reducing stress, improving mood, and promoting better sleep. Do your brain and body a big favor and keep a fragrant candle burning throughout the day—the AM to PM Set will have you covered—to stay cool, calm and collected when you’re at home.

6. A Pretty Houseplant

If you thought houseplants were purely decorative then it’s time to think again. Along with naturally purifying the air in your home, studies suggest that simply looking at a leafy plant can reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being. Fill your home with a variety of indoor plants in stylish planters, like the Philodendron Green in Small Grant Planter by The Sill, and keep yourself busy during quarantine caring for something that will make you feel better.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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