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6 Small Space-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

From houseplant Christmas trees to mantel displays and more, here are a few ways to dress up even the smallest of apartments for the holiday season. 

Dec 12, 2019

Decorating a small space for the holidays can be tricky. While tall Christmas trees and excessive seasonal items might seem like an easy way to spread more cheer, the truth is, a small place calls for scaled-down holiday decor.

To help make your small space holiday decorating endeavors go more smoothly, we rounded up six goof-proof ways to deck out even the tiniest of halls this season. From houseplant trees to shelf displays and more, here’s how to dress up a small space for the holidays.

1. Dress up a holiday houseplant tree

Holiday cheer comes in all shapes and sizes, and fortunately, so do trees. Instead of trying to squeeze a towering tree inside an already cramped space, consider adorning your houseplants, cacti, or even a tree branch with tiny ornaments and string lights for a festive look.

Image by Hey Wander Blog | ALIGN : LEFT

2. Forge a festive mantel (or bookshelf) display

Few things evoke the seasonal spirit like a holiday mantel display. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel at home, deck it out in garland, stockings, string lights, and our glowing scented candles in frosted containers. And if you don’t have a mantel, forge the same setup on a bookshelf or end table instead.

3. Employ garland aplenty

Big on style and small in scale, garland is a cheap and chic way to bring some holiday spirit to a room without occupying too much space. Try strewing some garland along your bookshelves or mantel to spread a bit of holiday cheer in a small apartment, or wrap some around your headboard or bed to make a festive statement in an open layout studio.

Image by Almost Makes Perfect | ALIGN : RIGHT

4. Make a wall tree

No room for a tree in your small space? No problem. You can create a gorgeous, minimalist-style wall-mounted tree with rows of garland or pine tree branches like we saw on Almost Makes Perfect or buy a hanging twig tree frame to hang your favorite holiday ornaments from.

5. Put a wreath on it 

Never underestimate the impact of a well-placed wreath. Hang a larger one in the center of your bookcase for a simple seasonal display, or position smaller ones along your mantels, or place a few small ones gallery-style with the art on your walls for a bolder (but small space-friendly) scene.

6. Make a holiday window scene

Your windows are brimming with holiday decorating opportunity—it just takes a little imagination. Deck out your windowsills with candles and small bowls of ornaments or simply hang some string lights (or homemade paper snowflakes) in your window to forge a festive scene without taking up an inch of floor space.

If you aren’t working with a ton of square footage to decorate your home for the holidays, consider one of these small-space-savvy décor ideas to deck your halls out in style. 

Written by Caroline Biggs

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