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7 Easy Bed-Sheet Halloween Costumes For the Win

Last-minute? You bet. Uninspired? Not a chance.

Oct 15, 2018

In the pantheon of Halloween attire, bedsheets rank somewhere between lame cat ears and that DIY t-shirt your roommate suckered you into wearing because the Uber was two minutes away and you couldn’t show up to the party without a costume. (Remember those “Go, ceiling!” tees? Yeah, we get it, you’re a ceiling fan. Still not funny.) Some may consider bedsheet costumes the epitome of laziness, but with a little imagination, and some old bedsheets, they can actually make you the belle of the masquerade ball. Save yourself the headache (and maddening, wallet-busting trips to crowded holiday superstores) with these simple DIY Halloween costumes made using that perennial go to: the bed sheet. Some of them require little more than scissors, fabric tape, and a can-do attitude. Happy hauntings!


We know, we know, it’s the ultimate last-minute costume, but the good news is that you’ll also have irony on your side. Simply grab an old sheet—any old sheet will do—cut out two eye holes, and presto: you’ve got a classic costume with staying power. Throw on some sunglasses to give it an “I was going for this all along” look.

Greek Goddess

Slay, queen. Just grab a sheet, drape it over one shoulder, and cinch at the waist with a rope or belt. You can tuck and fold however you’d like to create the illusion of pleats or layers, but to really nail the look, add some glitter makeup, a laurel crown, or a prop like a harp or (fake) bow and arrow. Replace the harp with a mini keg, and you have an equally passable toga-party attendee.


Channel your inner Liz Taylor with all of the bling. Follow the same steps as above, but add some gold trim (you can find it at your local crafts or fabric store) along the hem of the skirt and, if you choose to add one using another sheet, along the ends of a cape draped over your shoulders. The finishing touches: gilded bangles, a colorful statement necklace and crown, and dramatic black liner and blue eyeshadow. Check out some Anne Hathaway inspo here

   | A hand holding a halloween candy basket


For those rainy Halloweens when toilet paper won’t do, cut an old bed sheet into strips and layer them over your street clothes, securing them with masking tape. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and you won’t have to break through your rags every time you have to go to the bathroom. For the real overachievers, dye your sheet with tea to give it that aged, just-from-the-sarcophagus look.


Unless you have a spare horn lying around, you’ll definitely need to drop some cash to complete the look. But all you need for the body is a king-size sheet that becomes an easy onesie in no time. Just cut a hole in the center for your head, then remove the excess and tie off the fabric around your wrists and ankles. You could also just wear a white dress or pajamas, but don’t be surprised if your friends call you out on your lack of effort.


Remember that scene in season five of Game of Thrones when Daenerys stole the show in an all-white sheath-and-cape-combo? Tap into your inner Mother of Dragons with some clever gathering and a blonde wig if you don’t have icy locks of your own. You’ll likely need two sheets for this costume: Pull one tight around your waist, hips, and chest and secure it in the back with safety pins, then drape one over your back and shoulders as a cape so no one can see the evidence of your quick seamstress work.

Princess Leia

Slightly more complicated than the rest but not hard to recreate by any standard, this clever Star Wars costume is perfect for both kids and adults—and beats spending $50 or more at the Halloween store. We could give you the general instructions to make it yourself, but blogger Carrie Elle did all the hard work for us. Head over to her site for step-by-step directions and pictures to help walk you through the process.

Now go ahead and bookmark this page. Despite your best efforts, you probably won’t be needing these until the night before Halloween.

Written by Jennifer Fernandez

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