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Style | Jul 24, 2018

8 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Bedroom That You Probably Never Thought Of

StyleJul 24, 2018

8 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Bedroom That You Probably Never Thought Of

Bedroom mirrors are a many splendored thing. Not only do they offer loads of outfit-checking opportunities, a well-placed mirror can work wonders for a small or awkwardly shaped bedroom since they create the illusion of more space.

Since Brooklinen is all about making the most of where you sleep, we gathered a few unexpected (but brilliant) ways to use mirrors in your bedroom to make better use of your space. From jewelry storage to a mini-dressing room, read ahead for eight of our favorite outside-the-box bedroom mirror displays.

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1. As a headboard

Not only will a large-scale mirror look unbelievably cool at the head of your bed, it’ll make your room look bigger, too. Hang a floor-length mirror horizontally or lean a wide one behind your bed to open up a short wall and forge a hip sleeping scene.

2. On the sides of your bed

If you’re searching for a way to open up a dark bedroom, the more mirrors the better. A pair of mirrors on either side of your bed (or behind your nightstands) will help bounce light around making your room appear both larger and brighter. 

Image by @seven_wonders_thelabel | ALIGN : RIGHT

3. As a vanity

Let your bedroom desk moonlight as a swanky vanity with a cleverly placed mirror. Prop an oversized mirror on top of a slim dresser or a round one on the wall above your workstation for an unexpectedly savvy display.

4. As storage

Looking for a stylish way to forge some extra storage space in your bedroom? From ladder-style floor mirrors (with room for hanging outfits and accessories) to wall-mounted ones with hidden shelves, the web is filled with chic and surprisingly affordable mirrors that offer ample storage opportunity.


Image via Pinterest | ALIGN : LEFT

5. Leaned against a big wall 

Want a renter-friendly way to break up a big wall without having to buy (and hang up) a bunch of artwork? Minimalist designers love leaning large floor mirrors against walls for a clean and contemporary look, no hammer or nails required.

6. As artwork

Who said art can’t be functional? Hang an eye-catching mirror up anywhere in your bedroom and make a creative statement while you double-check your lipstick.

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7. In an awkward corner

Who knew you could turn a cramped corner of your bedroom into mini-dressing area with nothing more than a sleek floor mirror? Place one in an empty corner and pair with a clothing rack or stool to score your very own private changing room!

8. A a jewelry organizer

Along with bringing instant style into your bedroom, some mirrors are actually designed to help you stay organized. Hang up a cute mirror with jewelry storage by your bed and keep all of your beloved baubles and bangles in check at all times

A good mirror can be a game changer for your bedroom. Not only are they a savvy way to open up a cramped room, a well-placed mirror can bring instant character and functionality to just about any area of your bedroom.

Caroline is a writer living in New York City. She contributes regularly to publications including The New York Times, AD, and Apartment Therapy. When she’s not covering the latest in art, interiors, and design, she’s usually playing music, watering (and talking to) her plants, or hanging with her rescue bunnies, Daisy and Daffodil. You can find more of her work at

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