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Design Trends that will Dominate in 2020

Bold and highly functional designs make this a year of hard-working, good-looking interiors.

Jan 22, 2020

It’s no secret that design trends define a decade: think 70s mid-century modern and 80s Memphis-style interiors. Design trends are a reaction to the culture and mindset of the time, and a reflection of our values. And most of all—they’re a fun way to explore something new. 

Enter 2020: the year we move from last decade’s fascination with the quiet texture of modern farmhouse interiors, “millennial” pink, and the glam accents of art deco revival, and into design schemes a bit more colorful and clean-lined, with an eye towards sustainability and usability. Take a little or a lot from our predictions for 2020’s top design trends, and browse our tips for creative ways to incorporate each into your home.

Melange Color-block Towel Set | ALIGN : LEFT


A design scheme where multiple solid colors are layered or gently overlapped, color-blocking is graphic, simple, and unexpected. A color-blocked fabric typically combines 2 or 3 colors that are either different tones of one hue (think pink, red, and burgundy) or highly contrasting colors (for example, primaries; red, yellow, and blue.) To try out the trend more subtly, check out our Melange Washcloths. For a bigger dose of color, these Moroccan Vases add drama to a #shelfie. 

Indoor Trees

Houseplants have become the new favorite “pets” of 20- and 30-something-year-olds across the country these past couple years. But now, the indoor oasis is going bigger and bolder in the form of indoor trees. Try a money tree for a low-maintenance option, or a citrus tree if you’re ready to take on something more. Meyer lemon and Kaffir lime trees are the most common to grow, but you can also experiment with kumquat trees and calamondin oranges. In all cases, look for trees in a dwarf variety, so they won’t become unmanageable indoors. Trees not your thing? Try a houseplant from The Sill.  

Issa Armchair by Inside Weather | ALIGN : RIGHT

Stylish Recliners

Do we blame new La-Z-Boy ambassador Kristen Bell for the sudden uptick in this design trend? Absolutely. But these aren’t your grandpas’ old saggy recliners. Check out Kristen’s top picks for chairs you can truly kick back in, but look great with your decor. Also try a bold fresh new color like these from Spaces.

Simple Geometrics

It’s a little retro, yet uber-modern in its straightforward shapes and unbusied design. Let the shapeliness speak for itself with a neutral piece like this Circle Dish, or go playful with a zesty piece like our Pendleton blanket

Natural Finishes

Taking their inspiration from Japanese design, cork, caning and charred wood features in the home feel organic and calming. Create your own charred wood effect without the installation with this Maarten Baas wallpaper, or include a hit of cork with a stylish pendant light. Caning reigns supreme, incorporated in everything from bigger items like chairs and folding screens to smaller pieces like light fixtures and end tables. Try this side table in the bedroom for a moody moment. 

Spaces by Brooklinen | ALIGN : LEFT

Modular Furniture

Multi-functional and great for small spaces, modular furniture is our fastest-growing obsession. Just a few of the crazy-brilliant combinations we’ve seen on the market: tables that turn into shelves, like this Convertible Bookshelf, consoles with built-in storage that transform into a coffee table, and sleeper sofas you’ll actually want to keep in your living room. Floyd has our favorite bedframe that is so sleek and easy to assemble. It looks great with any style!


Written by Mallory Abreu

Mallory is a writer currently based in Des Moines, Iowa, where she works as a home design editor for Better Homes & Gardens. This New England native began her career at the Boston Globe covering music and arts beats, and has since had her work featured in Boston Magazine, Magnolia Journal, BH&G, and other national publications. Catch her playing piano and ogling old homes in her free time. View her portfolio at and follow her on IG at @mal.abreu.

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