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How To | Aug 13, 2020

How To Create a Sexier Bedroom

How ToAug 13, 2020

How To Create a Sexier Bedroom

Make no mistake about it: A bedroom is the most intimate room in a home. Not only is it the place where you rest your head to recharge every night, it’s also, well, where the magic happens. That’s why it’s crucial to create a bedroom space that feels cozy, comfortable, and sexy at the same time. 

Not sure if your bedroom decor is as enticing as it should be? From silk pillowcases to shapely furniture pieces, here’s how to turn your bedroom into the drop-dead sexy space it deserves to be.


1. Invest in quality bedding.

Quality bedding can provide more than just a comfortable place to sleep, it can also make your bed a more inviting—and sexy—place to be. Dress your bed in a buttery smooth set of sateen long-staple cotton sheets, like the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, to ensure you and your partner won’t ever want to leave, or employ a pair or two of Mulberry Silk Pillowcases to spice up your bedding in seconds.


2. Mood lighting matters.

Nothing sets the mood faster than ambient bedroom lighting. For a modern statement light, consider installing the Widget Trio Pendant above your bed to help set the stage for playtime. Or, employ a pair of wall-mounted, gold-finished wall sconces, like the Plug-In Solo Sconce, on either side of your headboard so you can easily turn off the lights once you slip into bed.



3. Paint your bedroom a dark hue.

Never underestimate the sex appeal of a darkly painted bedroom. A rich, deep paint hue, like dark blue, steel gray, or barely black, can envelope the space while distinguishing it from the other—less intimate—rooms in your home. Scared to commit to a dark paint color? No worries. A set of dark navy bed coverings, like the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Deep Navy, will create a similarly sensuous effect in your bedroom—no wall paint necessary.  

4. Employ shapely furniture.

Few things scream “sex” like a shapely silhouette—which is why you should consider a curvy piece of furniture for your bedroom. The Issa Armchair, for instance, comes clad in soft velvet upholstery and features plush, rounded cushions that are every bit as comfortable as they are enticing, while the Elle Side Table has soft curved lines that create a sense of calm. 


5. Keep the vibes sexy.

Above all else, the key to creating a sexy bedroom is incorporating sensual elements, like aromatherapy candles and soft textiles, to ensure the space is always welcoming. A sleek-looking soy candle with a suggestive scent, such as the bourbon-infused Nightcap Candle, should do the trick, as will a cashmere and lambswool throw blanket that you and your lover can both snuggle up in.  

Caroline is a writer living in New York City. She contributes regularly to publications including The New York Times, AD, and Apartment Therapy. When she’s not covering the latest in art, interiors, and design, she’s usually playing music, watering (and talking to) her plants, or hanging with her rescue bunnies, Daisy and Daffodil. You can find more of her work at

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