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All About | Jan 08, 2018

Inspiration Behind: The Linen Collection

All AboutJan 08, 2018

Inspiration Behind: The Linen Collection

We’ve all read them—those carefully crafted guides to mastering the perfectly undone bed. But in the boudoir, as in fashion, it’s best not to give the impression of trying too hard. (Think of the excessive number of matchy-matchy pillows that were piled on your mom’s bed growing up. That’s not a look anyone is going for today.) The real secret? Achieving an invitingly relaxed look with minimal effort is all in the sheets. That’s where our new linen collection comes in. 

The Linen Collection Hardcore Bundle - in Cream & White

Inspired by the timeless beauty of sprezzatura, the Italian art of graceful nonchalance—or looking stylish without appearing to invest too much time or energy into the process—the collection is stylish but not fussy, made with luxurious long-staple flax fibers sourced from Belgium and produced by artisan weavers in a historic family-run mill in Portugal. What this means for you: Luxurious sheets that are both soft and durable, optimized to encourage maximum breathability in even the most humid weather but chic enough to make you forget all that technical stuff. In other words, the perfect summer linen for your dolce vita lifestyle—and you didn’t even need to travel to Rome to get it.

{{ Carousel | Shop The Linen Collection | linen-hardcore-sheet-bundle:43437480981:Our new linen collection is light as air and stonewashed for irresistible softness.\linen-core-sheet-set:43437481045:Our new linen collection is light as air and stonewashed for irresistible softness.\linen-duvet-cover:43437054805:Our duvet covers are the perfect way to protect and accent your comforter in soft, cool comfort.\scented-candle:8349159107:The smell of fresh ocean air is instantly calming with salty sea tide and base notes of kelp and driftwood. }}

But despite the line’s sumptuous feel, hand-crafted provenance, and unquestionable style, our linen sheets eschew formality for an approachability and comfort that makes them ideal for everyday use. In this way, the collection is equally inspired by the laid-back surf culture in Costa Rica, a place where sinking into a perfectly rumpled mattress dressed in cool, moisture-wicking linen after a sun-filled day on the waves is the ultimate expression of the carefree pura vida lifestyle the country is known for—an aesthetic that we’ve translated into three minimalist colorways (white, cream, and striped) to fit any modern bedroom no matter what your needs.

Want to make the look your own this summer? Head over to to shop the entire collection, and stay cool—both literally and figuratively—all season long.

Jen Fernandez is a design enthusiast, writer, and former editor at Architectural Digest, Travel + Leisure, and Martha Stewart Weddings.When she's not taking off in search of the best dumplings and whiskey (not at the same time), you can find her planning her next Netflix binge with her husband in Brooklyn. You can find more of her work at

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