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Our Gift Guide for Every Zodiac Sign on Your List

We've got the fool-proof gift giving guide for every zodiac sign in your life.

Nov 22, 2019

It's not just the Cancers in your life that want something to cozy up with at home. Social butterfly or homebody, you can bet that everyone has that little luxury they love. So, whether you’re getting a jump start on Christmas gifts, shopping for an upcoming birthday, or just showing a loved one you care, we decided to break down your besties’ deepest design desires the only way we know how: astrologically. It’s a pretty fool-proof system: after all, it’s only the universe’s way of telling you what to gift.

Boerum Jogger in Sage | ALIGN : LEFT

Aries: Jogger Pants

You probably catch up with this restless spirit out at the gym or the bar. But when they’re at home, you can bet this work-hard, play-hard type isn’t just napping. A comfy pair of Boerum joggers in our trendy olive green work for intense game-night sessions, backyard soccer matches, or impromptu home improvement projects. They’ll move from one activity to the next with the same agility and flexibility as their Aries owners.

Taurus: Cashmere Sheets

Your Taurus craves stability: down-to-earth, super-practical stability. What better way to create reliable comfort at home than with our heathered cashmere sheets? Choose the soft gray set for anything-but-basic bedding that will deliver on drool-worthy sleep sessions every. single. night.

Gemini: Punchy Pillowcases

They’re likely the “extroverted introvert” of the group—bubbly and outgoing in public, quiet and needing pampering in private. Either way, they’re a generally happy bunch, and love getting to know people better—inside and outside the bedroom. A pair of limited-edition pillowcases feel personal and playful (and you know they’ll get good use…). Choose their type from fifteen patterns that range from zippy yellow dashes to energetic azure swirls.

AM to PM Candle Set | ALIGN : RIGHT

Cancer: Scented Candle

It’s a typical night reading poetry and reminiscing on past lives with your Cancer beau—and the AM to PM set is a sure-fire nostalgia inducer. It’ll take you both back to walks in the park and fresh bouquets bought in special life moments. Plus, the flickering light will set the mood for a steamy make-out or cry session… your guess is as good as ours to which it’ll be.

Leo: Beauty Box

They’re divas, but you love it: and pampering the Leo in your life can deliver a worthwhile return. Invest in this limited-edition Fresh x Brooklinen Beauty Sleep Box, which includes a lotus face cream and two monogrammed pillows. They’ll appreciate the cheeky embroidery, and will probably ask you to touch their newly-dewy skin way too much. Your Leo loves to feel beautiful and well-rested, and their generous spirit means something good will be coming in your near future: it’s a win-win. 

Virgo: Linen Robe

Super smart, driven, and gracious, a Virgo will hunker down and see the job through, be it a work project or a vacation itinerary. Self-actualizing and optimistic, their aim towards perfection can sometimes leave them feeling burnt-out and over-extended. Gift them a Linen Robe that’ll get softer with every wash, reminding them to pamper themselves on occasion. It’s the necessity they didn’t even know they needed. 

Libra: Give-Back Tote

These diplomats of the zodiac are selfless friends and partners who are happiest when surrounded by those closest to them. Their agreeability can sometimes lead to their own wants and needs falling by the wayside, so a memento that says “I see you” is really the best gift to give. Our Pride Tote is a perfect piece for encouraging them to embrace and flaunt their own colors. Plus, they don’t need to feel guilty for getting something: 100% of proceeds go to the Anti-Violence Project, empowering LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities. 

Pendleton Heritage Blanket in Wyeth Trail | ALIGN : LEFT

Scorpio: Pendleton Heritage Blanket

Fearless and comfortable with their totally authentic selves, the Scorpio in your life is likely your friend who faces conflict and decisions head-on and with total confidence. Like their namesake animal, their tough exterior hides a soft inner person very in-tune with their emotions and the emotions of others. Go for a graphic blanket that’s equal parts comforting and bold, just like them.

Sagittarius: Silk Eyemask

As a natural-born adventurer, it might seem against a Sag’s nature to stay nestled up at home. But adventure comes in many forms: travel, yes, but also in books, in movies, and of course, in the bedroom. They’ll love our Mulberry Silk Eyemask for everything from blocking out light on airplanes and in hotel rooms to having some *new* kinds of fun at home.

Capricorn: Pendleton Throw Blanket

This is the throw blanket your Capricorn can both use at home and actually bring to work to counteract the ever-fluctuating thermostat—and you know they will, because they basically live at their job 24/7. They’ll probably even start wearing it as a scarf on their 10 coffee runs a day—it’s that cozy.

Aquarius: Lightweight Quilt

These cerebral and humanitarian free-thinkers are go-with-the-flow, artsy, and uber-cool. A hand-stitched quilt will add that handmade artisan layer to their home. They’ll love it, because no two are exactly alike—just like them.

Pisces: Mélange Towels

Your Pisces is incredibly intuitive, warm, and creative—making them a wonderful hostess for those close to them. They love to be there for others and want to have the best on-hand for a spur-of-the-moment sleepover or in-law visit. A set of our new mélange towels are ultra-soft and come in soothing blues and grays that both they and their guests will adore. 

{{ Carousel | Featured Products | boerum-jogger:17366830776410:The form and fit of a jogger, without the pressure to actually jog.\scented-candle:8349159171:Our hand-poured, perfume-grade Candles will make your home feel like an absolute oasis.\hammam-robe:17248018268250:Our Hammam Robe is constructed with an ultra-absorbent terry interior, and a decorative stripe pattern that coordinates perfectly with the rest of our Hammam collection.\brooklinen-canvas-tote:17217642070106:100% of proceeds of our #OwnYourComfort tote will go to AVP, the Anti-Violence Project.\pendleton-heritage-blanket:30148383801434:The Pendleton Heritage Blanket is made at the Pendleton Mill in Oregon and is a beautiful addition to any home.\mulberry-silk-eyemask:31148616843354:Our Mulberry Silk Eyemask is naturally cool to the touch and protects skin and hair from friction damage.\pendleton-throw-blanket:8647777283:The Pendleton Throw Blanket is made at the Pendleton Mill in Oregon and is the perfect piece for your couch or the end of a bed.\summer-weight-bed-blanket:26507642502:This 100% cotton Quilt is a great replacement for a Comforter in the summer and the perfect blanket for cozying up on the couch in the winter.\melange-bath-towel:30992642506842:Our Melange towels are an ideal bathroom upgrade. }}

Written by Mallory Abreu

Mallory is a writer currently based in Des Moines, Iowa, where she works as a home design editor for Better Homes & Gardens. This New England native began her career at the Boston Globe covering music and arts beats, and has since had her work featured in Boston Magazine, Magnolia Journal, BH&G, and other national publications. Catch her playing piano and ogling old homes in her free time. View her portfolio at and follow her on IG at @mal.abreu.

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