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Surviving Small Spaces with Your Partner

Sharing can be difficult. But when it comes to sharing space when your partner, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a few ideas on making the most of your small space.

Mar 10, 2020

Moving in with your significant other is super exciting. There’s nothing like establishing new routines with your beau. Plus, splitting the rent and food costs are major perks. But if you’ve never had a roommate or shared a bedroom with a sibling while growing up, you might not know that sharing spaces can be stressful–especially small digs. Spending more time than usual with your S.O. can become crowding if your space isn’t sorted for its size. So, we’ve got a few tips for making the most of your small space that will make living in it even better with your partner.

Image by @luckyandi | ALIGN : LEFT

Maximize Your Space 

Making the most of your small space requires only a few hacks. Start with light, neutral colors. Keep in mind that cool tones make spaces feel bigger and airer. Plus, layering different styles is easier on a neutral canvas. 

Then, add mirrors. Mirrors will help the light travel to all of the nooks and crannies through reflection, opening up your space even more. 

Lastly, when it comes to furniture, make sure it’s multifunctional. You’re going to want as many storage solutions as possible when you’re splitting space with your partner. Choosing multifunctional pieces will help you both ensure no space is going to waste. 

Merge Your Styles

If what they say about opposites is true, then you’re probably with someone whose style is nothing like yours. That’s okay! Small spaces will feel less small if you’re surrounded by the things you both love and find inspirational. So, let your styles speak to each other. 

Start with one space, like your bedroom, and see what vibe it takes on. Once you’ve both got a clear idea of what you’re into, move on to defining the rest of the space. Make furniture-buying and decorating decisions together while keeping space-maximizing tips in mind. This way, as your space comes together it will reflect both of you. It’ll be less claustrophobic and more cozy. In that, you’ll find a new eclectic harmony. 

Clear the Clutter 

There’s probably no better time to consider a purge than before you move in with someone. If you haven’t already read up on the Marie Kondo method, then let’s sum it up for you: if it doesn’t spark joy, you probably don’t need it. This goes for clothes, books, and the rest of your collections. 

Down-sizing and compromising can be difficult. So, we suggest you take note of your storage situation. Have a look around your shared space and see where storage is being under-utilized. This could be under your bed, or on the inside of the cabinet doors. Organize those spaces, see what doesn’t fit, and get to decluttering.

Ace Lounge Chair by Inside Weather | ALIGN : RIGHT

Seek a Personal Space

Finding privacy in a small space is difficult. But, we all need some time alone. Both you and your partner should feel you each have your own space to enjoy your own things. In a studio or loft-style apartment, defining some personal space can be as easy as throwing up a room divider, claiming a reading chair by the window, or some floor space for your daily workout. Just because your shared space is already limited doesn’t mean your personal space should be non-existent. 

We know the challenges proposed by small spaces aren’t ideal. They’re even less ideal when it comes to sharing a small space but they’re totally manageable. And, hey, working with the limited space you have can even be fun–nothing both of you can’t handle with some strategic design and organization. 

Written by Cybele Ramirez

Cybele is a freelance writer covering all things culture and lifestyle. She’s also a content strategist in the tech startup space and mastering Media Studies at The New School. You can find this native New Yorker canoodling her two dogs, trying out a new recipe, or on IG @cybelina.

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