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Ways to Fill the Space Above Your Bed

The wall space above your bed is overflowing with design opportunity. Before you splurge on a bulky headboard, consider one of these stylish wall décor ideas instead.

Sep 13, 2018

The wall space above your bed is brimming with design potential—all it takes is a little imagination. To prove our point, we gathered seven stylish ways to take advantage of the empty area above your bed. From sleek wall sconces to succulents, read ahead for seven décor ideas that will have you rethinking your headboard.

1. Install a cool light fixture (or two)

Sure they’re functional and convenient, but let’s face it: table lamps take up a lot of space on your nightstand. Instead of a bulky table lamp, mount a sleek pair of wall sconces or a pendant light above your bed. You’ll score plenty of bedside lighting without sacrificing an inch of surface space.

2. Statement walls FTW

Inexpensive and easy-to-install, wallpaper can work wonders for the area above your bed. Go for wallpaper in a bold pattern to liven up an all-white bedroom or try a removable style if you like to switch things up a lot.

Image by @chrislovesjulia | ALIGN : LEFT

3. Hang art 

Whether it’s a single colorful painting or a gallery-style grid of black-and-white photographs, a thoughtful art display can turn the empty space above your bed into a focal piece for your bedroom. Opt for images that draw from the room’s existing color palette to forge a sophisticated scene that doesn’t distract from the rest of the space.

4. Make magic happen with a mirror

Along with looking insanely chic hanging above your bed, a well-placed mirror can instantly make a small bedroom appear bigger by creating the illusion of more space. Employ an oversized antiqued mirror with a lavish frame to make a statement in a tiny room, or a clean-lined contemporary style to keep things simple. 

5. Mount some planters

If you weren’t already hip to wall-mounted planters, then now’s the time to smarten up. Available in a range of shapes and styles—think: succulent-sized planters to full-blown planter shelves—you can transform the empty space above your bed into a vertical garden in no time.

Image by @persuingpie | ALIGN : RIGHT

6. Score some extra storage

Turns out the area above your bed is ripe with storage opportunity, it just takes a little shelving. Invest in a slender floating shelf or wall-mounted bookcase, and use the empty space above your bed to show off your favorite books, shoes, or any other beloved knicknacks.  

7. Show off a fun textile

Whether it’s a vibrant area rug or a cool woven wall hanging, hang an eye-catching textile above your bed to bring some unexpected pattern and texture to the scene. Use a colorful rug to offset a minimalist scheme, or stick with a neutral wall hanging if you prefer earth tones.

Headboards are great - but there’s a lot you can do with them. Instead of investing in a pricey (and bulky bed frame), consider one of these chic wall décor displays for the space above your bed.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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