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Winding Down with Beckett Fogg, Co-Founder of Area

Beckett Fogg discusses her wind-down routine and how her sleep style has changed since moving to NYC. 


May 14, 2019

Area Co-Founder, Beckett Fogg, chats with us about her day-to-day and how she manages to wind down at night when running a company in the fast paced fashion world.  

When did you develop an interest for design? Were there any moments when you were younger that had a distinct affect on you?

I've always loved art and design - when I was younger, I loved making small replicas of buildings and scenes. In college, I majored in Architecture which is where I learned how to think critically about design.

What was the motivation/inspiration behind the development of your brand, Area?

My father is an entrepreneur, so I was exposed to that mentality from quite a young age. I met my partner, Piotrek, at Parsons when we were both getting our Masters. We were both interested in textile development and our work began overlapping in school. Most importantly, our strengths and experiences were complementary, but also very different - which is so important when building a company with two people.

What does a day in your life look like?

There is no typical structure to any day, which I love - it all depends on where we are in the season. We have a studio on Canal street, so typically that's where the day starts.

How important of a role does sleep play in your life and how does it affect your work life?

Growing a small company means very little time off - so I really depend on a consistent sleep schedule to keep moving forward. I like to start my day as early as possible since we are in constant communication with partners / factories / consultants in so many international time zones.

Do you have any night time rituals that you adhere to?

I love unwinding at the end of the day by getting into bed early and listening to podcasts, books on tape, or sleepcasts from the Headspace app.

What was a pivotal moment in your career and how did it change things going forward?

There was a certain moment a few years ago when we were receiving pressure to take our company in a certain direction. It would have meant immediate success, but we would have been basically just a t-shirt brand. We knew Area had so much more potential than that, so we stepped back, took t-shirts off the market, and committed to our long term vision. It was a risk, but for us it’s always been about strategizing for long term success, and not immediate gratification.

How does living in NYC play apart in your sleep and wellness?

I actually grew up on a farm, so my sleep comfort zone was very peaceful and quiet then. Now that I have been in the city for almost ten years, I actually find it hard to sleep without all the city noise. My first apartment in NYC was a sixth floor walk up in Chelsea, down the street from a fire station - it’s funny what you get used to in NY!

What is a piece of advice to your younger self/ future self?

Stay open minded. 

What Brooklinen item helps you achieve your best sleep?

The Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in all White. 

Written by Hayley Hill

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