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Winding Down with Coco & Breezy, DJ's and Eyewear Designers

Find out what inspired Coco and Breezy to find sanctuary upstate and what inspires them most about New York City. 

Oct 31, 2019

We caught up with DJ’s and eyewear designers, Coco & Breezy to talk about style, the New York hustle, and their newest business venture, The Lorca.

You both have amazing style, Describe your personal styles: 

Coco: Very effortless. We have our go-to items in our closets but when we dj, we get very dressed up, and we love accessories! Breezy is more tomboy chic, she mixes menswear and women’s wear and I just love wearing heels. 

How did you get into eyewear/ what is your creative process like? 

We collected glasses when we are younger, we have always expressing ourselves through what we wore. Our goal is to not only to have our eyewear make a fashion statement but to help with eye health. Breezy heads up design and changes up her location for inspiration. She’ll be in her office and lights candles or outside in the park. 

What about New York energizes you in terms of your work life? 

Being around and having access to so many amazing people. We continue to build our community and we are so inspired by the people in our lives right now. We love how we can go to a corner store or the train and meet someone that we wouldn’t normally meet. 


What inspired you to get property upstate? What is the goal for the future of the Lorca?

We knew we wanted to get into real estate in some fashion. We happened to find property that had four houses on it and thought about it as a potential business. Our goal was to create a beautifully curated space for millennials to retreat to. We will have it on Airbnb and will host brand partnerships. We really want to bring more diversity upstate and show people that you can get out of the city to wind down. 

What is your favorite thing about going to the Catskills?

C: I can turn off, I am hardly on social media when I am up there and service is limited. Nature is so beautiful and it gives me time to just simply relax. 

What are your night time rituals/ how do you wind down?

C: We love to light incense for relaxation. I move my phone away from me and I try hard to not look at emails before bed. I Always play meditation sounds; delta sleep waves. The frequency helps me sleep so well. 

How many hours of sleep do you get and how does it affect you at work? 

Breezy: On a typical night, we probably get 5-6 hours but on weekends we try to get 7-8. 

C: I need sleep! I notice a huge difference when I don’t get enough. When I go to bed early, I have the most productive weeks!

Favorite brooklinen items?

C: Love my duvet! It is so cozy, it’s everything! I also love the plush robes

B: I Love the robes

Written by Hayley Hill

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