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Winding Down with Dylan Jacob, CEO of BrüMate

Find out why BrüMate founder and CEO, Dylan Jacob compares the fundamentals of a good business to a relationship. 

Mar 10, 2020

We talk with Dylan Jacob, Founder and CEO of BrüMate, about how his laser focus helped create a long term successful business and why his wind down routine varies day to day. 

When did you come up with the idea for BrüMate and what problem were you aiming to solve in that space? 

BrüMate was born out of a google search that came up empty for solutions to keep my beer cold. The drinkware space has been around for ages and the hydration category is one of the fastest-growing areas of the housewares sector, but everybody was doing the same exact thing: insulated tumblers, water bottles, thermoses and to-go containers. I saw an opportunity to come into the market and just focus on being really great at one thing - creating new, innovative products ultimately designed to provide a better drinking experience for your favorite adult beverages.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the other successful businesses you launched and sold as well as BrüMate?

I have found that the best ideas are born out of necessity and passion, not sitting down and trying to concoct the perfect business plan. I spent years looking for that perfect idea and never found it. My first two businesses were great learning experiences that gave me a lot of the tools I needed to take BrüMate to where it is today, however, I wasn't passionate about either project. I was always looking for the next "bigger" thing.

A successful business is a lot like a successful relationship - if you spend your time fostering what you have right in front of you and working on being the best version of yourself it will flourish. When I started BrüMate, I had laser focus on the vision for the brand and to this day have not strayed from that. That passion I felt on day 1 is amplified in year 4 and is the glue that holds everything together.

Did you always have an entrepreneurial spirit? When did you realize the potential of working for yourself? 

I always had a hustlers mentality and spent a lot of my childhood brainstorming creative ways to make money. That said, being a successful entrepreneur seemed like a pipe-dream. Even though I had a fairly successful business in college, I was still convinced that I needed to get an actual job for stability. I thought that the success I was seeing was just a flash in the pan because I didn't fully believe in myself or my vision at the time. It wasn't until I sold my first company that my mindset shifted and the blinders came off to allow me to reach my full potential.

What does your wind-down routine look like? Is there anything that you swear by? 

Every day is different. Some days I have to work pretty hard to wind down and spend a lot of time meditating or doing breathing exercises to quiet my mind before bed. Other days I'm exhausted and pass out as soon as I hit the sheets.

How much sleep do you need to feel the most productive when working?

If I get anything less than 8 hours I feel like a zombie.

What is your favorite Brooklinen product?

The Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle.

Written by Hayley Hill

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