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Winding Down with the Streicher Sisters, Founders of STRIIIKE

See how celebrity hair, makeup and brow experts, The Streicher Sisters came to start their own family business, their lessons from New York and why sleep and neck cream can be a total game-changer.

Jun 04, 2019

The Streicher Sisters have turned their talents into a collaborative family run business. Kristie is a Feathered Brow expert, Ashley is a hair stylist and Jenn is one of the beauty industry’s most sought-after makeup artists. Together, they founded, STRIIIKE a salon in Beverly Hills and have proven to be leaders of their industry with an approachable charm that makes you want to be their best friend.

Why did you ladies decide to join forces and start a family business and what have been the benefits beyond what you may have expected?

Ashley: We honestly didn't realize that we all did similar things (all beauty) until we all were finally living in the same city and naturally started getting hired on jobs together. I think it was that, working together feels so much nicer than collaborating with strangers. We wanted to all work together in a greater capacity, hence STRIIIKE was born.

Kristie: In early 2011, after bouncing from NY to LA for years, we all finally found ourselves settle in Los Angeles.  I was ready to open my own brow studio (after working bi-coastally with Warren Tricomi for 10 years) and the time was right. We had actually never considered teaming up this way and found that promoting and building a business is so much more fun and much more beneficial with two talented sisters by your side.

Jenn: We were all finally living in the same city. We knew we wanted to work together more but didn't know how.  Someone suggested to open a beauty space together. And we did!! It’s been the hardest, most stressful amazingly wonderful experience. It’s more work than I expected but also so gratifying and I am really proud of us.

We know that each of you specialize in different areas of expertise, but what are your quirks that people might not know?

AS: We are all very outdoorsy, growing up in Northern California we all have a sense of adventure that keeps us creative and grounded.

How important is sleep in relation to running a business? How many hours do you all strive to get each night?

AS: LOL, I can’t wait to see what Kristie answers to this!! Both KS and I don’t have children so I feel like her and I both get a LOT of sleep, whereas Jenn is able to travel around the world, have a child and work long hours on little sleep.

KS: I run pretty hard and am a real busy body but I’m also a real good sleeper- People make fun of me for it.  My bed is my fortress- I LOVE IT! I do think what’s most important to listen to your body. Once you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle it’s hard to go back, and then your body forces you to listen to it- in the all the best ways.  You will naturally start craving all the good foods that your body craves and when you’re tired, you slow down and rest naturally.

JS: Its funny, I’ve always said we should do some kind of bed sheets line because we all three spend a lot of time in bed! Sleep is really important for all 3 of us.  I used to spend time in bed before I had a son. But I am still one of those people that love to lounge in bed. I love to take naps (when I can) and I have a small obsession about bed sheets. I try to get at least 8 hours a night but spend much more just lounging.  I am doing this interview from bed.

Kristie, what is one moment in your career that stands out the most?

KS: I’ve been lucky to have had several “stand out “ moments over my career.  There have been so many events that lined up to get me to where I am. I’ve always had the “say yes, then figure it out” approach and I truly think it’s about being in the right place at the right time, being open, and trusting those around you.  In 2001, I moved to NY and started working at Warren Tricomi to specialize in eyebrows specifically. Working with Warren Tricomi gave me the incredible opportunity to work with the top editors, photographers, and other amazing people in the industry.  I was then fortunate enough to receive the prestigious "Best Of" award for eyebrows by New York Magazine. This immediately catapulted my career to the next level, I went from 4-6 clients a day to 35!! I felt it was important at that point to trademark my Feathered Brow philosophy and started the natural eyebrow trend.  I made it my duty to break the habit and trend of the over-contrived and over-waxed eyebrow style that was currently trending. I started making my own products (Afore and Après) to help with the sometimes irritating tweezing process as well as developed an all-natural vegetable dye in an effort to help the eyebrow appear fuller.  In 2005, I started building an LA clientele while maintaining my NY business. This bi-coastal outreach really helped me get to where I am today.

Ashley, what fuels your work and where do you look for inspiration?

AS: I find inspiration is nature and the outdoors. I find travel and adventure really inspires me. Whenever I’m feeling a little bit stuck, I get out of town and go on a solo adventure. 

Jenn, how does lack of sleep affect your work and what would you recommend for people who can’t fit a nap in to keep a fresh look?

JS: I do a lot of international travel for work. A few weeks ago I went to china for 2 days. I actually find that having to get up and go to work when your jet-lagged or haven't had a lot of sleep, is the best cure. And for people who can’t nap but need to keep a fresh look I recommend lots of little touch up throughout the day. And probably lots of concealer. 

What are your wake-up routines?

AS: I live the act of making coffee in the morning. Finding my favorite coffee beans and making the perfect French press. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up, then I usually sit outside and drink it!

KS: Hot or room temp water with lemon, Coffee while catching up on a few emails, then a bit of foam rolling or stretching.  I like to shower before bed, there’s nothing like crawling into bed after a bath or shower.

JS: Well, I don't like to get right out of bed when I wake up.  I love to lounge, read emails, watch a little news and even drink my coffee in bed.  When my son wakes up, he climbs into bed. I love a snuggle. There are a few instances that I need to get right out of bed for an early call time.  I never leave the house without a hot shower and a hot beverage (coffee or tea).

What do you do to replenish yourselves after a busy day?

AS: SLEEP!! I’m thankfully a great sleeper and when I’m tired I can sleep a full 9 hours for replenishment. There’s nothing that helps renew like sleep!

KS: Catching up with a friend over dinner/drink, or a hike (in the summer months), I love to cook, so sometimes I’ll go home and make dinner.  The most replenishing is going home and doing and saying nothing! After seeing, sometimes 30 people in a day it’s nice to be still and silent.  

JS: lounge in bed! not kidding

Having lived and worked in both NYC and LA, how did each city inspire your work/ did you notice a difference in your lifestyle and sleep habits?

AS: I was so young when I lived in NYC and did NOT know the great benefits of good sleep and a proper bed situation. Living in LA, I found a place out of the city that’s peaceful and quiet where I get amazing sleep!

KS: When I lived in New York I noticed how incredibly difficult it was to have a balanced lifestyle but I was in my 20’s and wasn’t really prioritizing that.  I loved the pace of the city and how it never slept. I remember feeling guilty if I went to bed too early in New York because you’re always missing out on something.  I really learned how to hustle in NY and there’s some much opportunity that you just get accustomed to saying yes to all of them- It was awesome!

JS: Moving to NYC changed my life.  I often wonder where we would ALL be if I hadn't moved there.  I moved there without ever having been there! (boyfriend) and I learned so many life lessons in NYC. Having grown up in a very small, mostly white, Northern California town, NYC was a huge eye opener.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I did it. But a year or two after I moved there, Kristie moved there as well, and Ashley would come for summers. I think we would not be where we are today without NYC.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger selves.

AS: Use eye cream, and protect your neck from the sun.

KS: This may sound cheesy but I’ve always been really hard on myself and never felt “good enough” so I would probably give her a pat on the back, or better yet a hug️.

JS: Use neck cream. I tell Ashley this all the time! (she's 10 years younger than me so I sometimes feel like I am talking to my younger self).

What are your favorite Brooklinen sheets to sleep on?

AS:love the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle!

JS: I prefer the Linen

JS: I am a fan of the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Written by Hayley Hill

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