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Customer Experience Associate

Brooklyn, New York


We're seeking an ambitious problem-solver to join our Customer Experience team at our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. We have built our brand on our unrivaled customer service and personal touch, and our ideal candidate is someone who can represent the Brooklinen brand, problem-solve independently, and use strong judgment in every interaction.

This is the perfect gig for someone looking to contribute to a fast-paced startup and get in at the ground level. 

What you'll do 

  • Deliver exceptional customer service through phone, email, and live chat, constantly striving to make things better, faster and smoother for our customers
  • Take a service- and solution-oriented approach to all interactions, using strong judgment and balancing being policy-driven with making it right for the customer
  • Advocate on behalf of the customer to ensure a consistent and valuable experience
  • Recommend product improvements based on customer feedback, using both qualitative stories and quantified data
  • Liaise cross-departmentally between Customer Experience, Operations, Marketing and Product teams
  • Identify opportunities and drive solutions to enable efficiency, specifically thinking about automation and improved back office tools for your team

What we're looking for

  • 0-3 years in customer service or a related communications-focused role (at a startup is a major plus, e-commerce is even better)
  • Ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and enthusiastically via phone, email, and chat
  • Strong judgment and a service- and solution-oriented approach
  • Someone affable and personable, who doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

About the team

Customer Experience is a critical function that helps drive innovation and improvement throughout Brooklinen. We interact directly with our customers, actively soliciting feedback and suggestions to execute better.

We're down to earth, don’t take ourselves too seriously and don’t let anything get in the way of delivering an exceptional customer experience.


To apply, email with:

  • Your name and "Customer Experience Associate" in the subject line
  • Your resume
  • A quick note about why you're interested in and would be great at a Customer Experience role - doesn't need to be formal or lengthy (we're busy too!)

After you apply, your resume and note will be thoughtfully reviewed by our team. Although we can't follow up on every application, this is not a black hole and we seriously appreciate the time you're taking to reach out to us.