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Think you can help? Tell us how

Brooklyn, New York


Don't see any openings that are a match for what you're great at? If you're excited about what we're doing here and know you can add value, we'd love to hear from you.

We're growing quickly and will get in touch when we have the perfect opportunity.

What we're looking for

  • Smart, passionate people who are as excited as we are about our mission of designing, creating, and sharing the best home essentials out there
  • Those with a perspective on what they want to do and why they want to do it (tell us what you're amazing at)


To apply, email with:

  • Your name and "Future Opportunities" in the subject line
  • Your resume
  • A quick note about how, and in what areas, you see yourself adding value to our team - doesn't need to be formal or lengthy (we're busy too!)

After you apply, your resume and note will be thoughtfully reviewed by our team. Although we can't follow up on every application, this is not a black hole and we seriously appreciate the time you're taking to reach out to us.