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Earthy Minimalist

Inspired by nature, this look has touches of Scandinavian modernism and functional pieces beautiful in their simplicity. Crystals not required.


The little things that make up the big picture. These accent pieces are a great way to insert personality into your space.


Make your walls pop. These pieces will help balance out the negative space, draw the eye, and inspire your days.


To sit on, to set on and more. These furniture pieces will define your space and create a foundation for you to build around.


Whether you’ve got them on a timer, on a dimmer, or you’re more of a clapper fan, the lighting you choose will define the mood of your space.


They’ll do more than tie the room together. These rugs will add a pop of color, a lot of texture, and unify your space.


For cuddling up. For getting cozy. For ultimate comfort. We’ve got bedding feels and styles to match your every mood.

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We’re raising our prices soon.

Since our launch five years ago, prices of cotton and other key commodities have significantly increased. Paying our suppliers fairly and providing you with the best products on the market is paramount to us—to that end, prices of some of our Classic and Luxe sheets will rise up to 15% starting March 26th, 2019.