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The Low-Down on Our Down Products

The Fill

Down is the term for the soft, fluffy clusters that form the insulating layer below the contour feathers of an adult bird.

Down Cluster

Down Feather

Down clusters last longer than feathers, lack the prickly spine and trap air more effectively to keep you warmer at night.
Our comforters are 100% down and we use responsibly sourced Canadian White Down to fill our comforters.

The Source

We use the highest quality all-natural White Down sourced from the eco-friendly
Hutterite farms in Northwest Canada. Down is the warmest and most eco-friendly insulating material available.

We source our down from responsible, close-knit farming communities in Northwest Canada.
The down goes through a five-stage cleaning process before it’s sorted into small batches,
to ensure that we only use the very fluffiest and highest quality clusters.

The Loft

Fill power, or ‘loft’, is the measure of the ‘fluffiness’ of the down filling. The higher the fill-power,
the more air the down can trap, and the more insulating (and higher quality) our comforters are.
Our comforters are 600 and 700 fill power for the optimal balance of weight and warmth. 





Our All-Season Comforter has a fill power of 700, and our cooler Lightweight Comforter is 600.
The typical scale starts at 400, so we chose fill powers that give the perfect balance of warmth, loft,
and quality on the premium end of the scale. Our comforters give you the highest quality product,
while maintaining a great degree of climate versatility.

The Weight

A higher fill power doesn’t necessarily mean a heavier comforter. We’ve worked hard to use
the best possible down, at a fill power that will keep you warm while keeping our comforters
lightweight and airy. We’re pretty pleased with the result, and we think you will be too.

Both clusters on the scale are the same weight however the down on the right
is a higher fill power which makes a fluffier comforter.

The Shell

Our All-Season down is encased in a 500 thread-count sateen shell for a silky-soft feel. We use a
‘baffle box’ construction, which means that a grid of fabric ‘walls’ runs throughout the inside of the
comforter, connecting the top and bottom. This technique allows us to keep the fluffiness of
our comforter at its best, and keeps the filling evenly distributed.

Baffle Box

Bavarian Box