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Everything You Need to Know about Luxe Sateen Sheets

You may have heard of sateen sheets, but how much do you really know about them? We gathered everything you need to know about the super luxe weave so you don’t have to do the research.

Mar 21, 2019

Sure, we’ve all heard of luxe sateen sheets, but how much do we really know about this sought-after style of bedding?

Fret not my sleep-loving friends; Brooklinen is here to help. We broke down everything you need to know about these celebrated sheets before you shop for bedding so you know exactly what you’re buying into. Read ahead for a no-nonsense guide to all things sateen.

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So what exactly is sateen?

Sateen is a type of weave where multiple warp (aka horizontal) threads go over one single weft (vertical) thread; creating a weave with a super soft finish. And because several threads lie on the surface, sateen fabrics usually appear more shiny and lustrous than ones woven with a traditional one-over-one-under weave (like percale).

Why is sateen bedding considered “luxury”?

Typically composed of cotton, sateen bed sheets are considered “luxury” due to their super-smooth  finish, which creates both a softer fabric and a (subtly, in our case) lustrous sheen that makes them look and feel pricey.

What are the benefits of buying sateen sheets?

Not only do sateen sheets have a more luminous appearance than other cotton sheets, they’re also buttery smooth  to the touch. They are also more tightly woven than other kinds weaves, making them slightly more substantial-feeling and warmer than other types of cotton bedding (making them a great combination of breathable and ideal for cool sleepers). Finally, sateen is more wrinkle-resistant than other styles, so they’ll likely stay looking sleek for longer. 

Who should buy sateen?

Thanks to their thickly woven, silky smooth surface, sateen sheets are slightly heavier than their percale-style counterparts—making them ideal for cool sleepers looking to stay warm throughout the night (sans any overheating).

Are there any downsides to sateen?

If you’re a hot sleeper, sateen might be a bit toasty for you. It is breathable and great year round - but if you really prefer something on the lighter, cooler, crisper, and matte side - then a percale weave (or even linen) might be a better fit.

So now you know sateen sheets are considered luxury for a reason. Composed of tightly woven threads that create a slightly shimmery finish, these sought-after sheets are wildly soft to the touch and slightly warmer than ones with more traditional weaves.  

Written by Caroline Biggs

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