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How To | Dec 20, 2019

How to Establish a Work-Life Balance When You Work from Home

How ToDec 20, 2019

How to Establish a Work-Life Balance When You Work from Home

When you first started working from home, the most appealing thing about it was the fact that you didn’t even have to comb your hair. (We know! Sounds like a dream.) You can sleep in later and your longest commute is probably from your bed to your kitchen. Jumping on the chance to skip the morning traffic and the dreary office lighting, you might have lost a grip on managing your newly found flexibility. 

Working from home can have a pretty big impact on how you get things done, especially when you can’t physically pivot from work-space to living-space. These tips will help you find the balance you’ve been missing!

1. Divide with design

If you feel like your work stuff and your home stuff are all jumbled up and it’s hard to determine where you work and where you Netflix and chill, you should divide your space up. Dedicate yourself to a work corner, or workspace, that is separate enough from your living/sleeping space. Even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, physically compartmentalizing work and life will help you do the same mentally. Setting the tone for where you go to get stuff done can be as easy as laying down an area rug to designate your work zone. 

But if you’re feeling bold, it can mean complimenting your favorite room style with a new vibe. If you’re more of a minimalist, try glamming up your workspace. If you’re into the natural look, try a more structured set-up for work. Whichever route you decide to take, you’ll thank yourself later for making your home feel like home again.

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2. Put some clothes on!

It’s enticing to stay in your PJ’s all day when you have nobody to see. But, actually getting dressed for a day of work will make you all the more appreciative of changing into your loungewear later. Putting on those jeans that make you feel confident or your favorite top can help differentiate your lazy Sunday from your productive Monday.

3. Stick to a schedule

Don’t let work-from-home flexibility get the best of you. Sure, it’s not your typical 9 to 5 set up, but you should establish a time to clock in, clock out, get lunch, the whole shebang. Sticking to a schedule will minimize the sense that you can’t ever escape work. Being at close proximity to your work can make it harder for you to take a break but setting an alarm or knowing when to move from a chair to the couch (and not take work with you) is super important for finding your work-life equilibrium. 

These three simple steps can take you from overwhelmed and overworked to stable and structured (for work, at least). 

Cybele is a freelance writer covering all things culture and lifestyle. She’s also a content strategist in the tech startup space and mastering Media Studies at The New School. You can find this native New Yorker canoodling her two dogs, trying out a new recipe, or on IG @cybelina.

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