A Pet-Parent's Guide to a Clean Space

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Your four-legged friend is super cute, I’m sure. The neighborhood grime they trek inside, however, is not. You probably feel like your weekly cleaning isn’t doing enough. This is because your pet’s darling proximity to the floor means they’re pretty much the cutest dirt magnets you’ll ever know. Worry not, this guide will be your pet-parent’s playbook for keeping the place clean.

 1. Start with a basket 

Establish a designated area where your furry friend will keep their toys. Adding a decorative storage basket to your space will give you a stylish but sensible way to clean up the clutter. It’s an easy out from the eyesore of toy-crowded floors. Plus, there are baskets for every vibe--Wire baskets for the modern industrialist, woven baskets for some shabby-chic glam, and wooden baskets for the earthy-type. 

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2. Add a throw blanket

If your pet is wearing out their favorite spot on the couch, get a throw blanket! A durable quality throw blanket will give your pup’s favorite place a cozy cover-up. If your style permits, go for a dark color or a pattern to keep the look of wear concealed. 

3. Opt for machine washable 

Whether your pet’s favorite toys are plush or rubber, be sure they’re machine washable. Throwing your pet’s plush toys in the washing machine as frequently as you do your own laundry will be the easiest way to kill residual odors. If your pet’s favorite squeaker is made of rubber, throw it into the dishwasher! Easy peasy. 

4. Keep up between baths

A daily wipe-down will have your pet looking cleaner and smelling better between washes and grooming appointments. A damp washcloth with a drop of essential oil or some cleansing wipes will do the trick. The best part about this one is that it only takes a few minutes to get your pet from stray to slay. 

5. Get a vacuum attachment 

You’re mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, but the hair is everywhere all the time. We get it. Get to the source of the hair problem by using a vacuum attachment like the Dyson Groom Tool. It’s a quick and easy way to brush your pet and beat them in the shedding war. 

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6. Air it out

Opening a window helps, but these winter days can be brutal. A good house plant will look great and help your space smell great, too. Try an air-purifying, pet-friendly plant like a Bird’s Nest Fern from The Sill. It gets to your front door already potted and unlike other options, it’s constantly working on keeping the air clean. 

7. Check-in with your cleaning products

Knowing that you’re using the right cleaning products for your space is important, but especially when you’re a pet-parent because odors linger in all the fabrics, nooks and crannies. So, if you have tiles, give some extra TLC to the grout. If you have rugs or carpet, professional cleaning will be much more efficient than deodorizing products. If you have a fabric sofa, do some research on the products that will work best for cleaning it. A little extra attention during your cleaning spree will make the effort all the more worthwhile. 

8. Kick your shoes off

Don’t add to the mess! Swapping from outdoor to indoor shoes by the front door will help minimize the dirt and debris left around for your pet to lay in. Adding a shoe rack to your entryway will help you get into the shoe-swapping habit.

Whether its paw prints on the couch, shedding hair or just a straight-up squeaky toy landmine, these tips are easy to implement and effective. If you’re happy in your space, they’ll be happy, too.

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