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Pillows Dreams are Made of

We made soft and springy plush pillows, made for snoozing.
They have the perfect fill so you can max out on comfort.
Learn more below...

1. Down Fill

Down is the term for the soft, fluffy clusters that form the insulating layer below the contour feathers of an adult bird.

Down makes for a buoyant, plush pillow because its clusters are incredibly efficient at trapping air. Feathers are less pliant, and play an important role as a "pillow-within-a-pillow" support in creating firmer pillows.

Our pillows are 100% down and we use responsibly sourced Canadian White Down and treated with ULTRA-FRESH ANTIMICROBIAL to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and prolong the life of your pillows.

Illustration of down cluster and down feather

2. Construction

We have two ways we construct pillows, single core and dual-core.
Dual-core pillows have an inner feather core to add support/firmness
and an outer core of down clusters for a soft landing experience.

Illustration of plush pillow inner Plush Pillow
100% down clusters to give a super
soft and fluffy construction
100% clusters, 0% feathers
Illustration of mid-plush inner Mid - Plush Pillow
Dual-core that is supportive while
being soft and buoyant
20% clusters, 80% feathers
Illustration of firm pillow inner Firm Pillow
Softer than your average firm pillow,
but just as supportive
14% clusters, 86% feathers

Our pillows provide a variety of firmness – we pull the levers of
feather-to-down in order to achieve the optimal levels of softness
to support, so that you can rest easy, no matter your preference.

3. The Shell

We have two shells woven specifically for our two different pillow constructions.

Our Plush pillow is encased in a silky smooth sateen shell while our dual-core firm and mid-plush pillows are encased in a down-proof twill weave to be sure no core feathers can poke through.

Illustration of pillow shell

4. The Source

Illustration of duck farm

We use the highest quality all-natural White Down sourced from
the eco-friendly duck farms in Northwest Canada.

The down goes through a five-stage cleaning process before it’s
sorted into small batches, to ensure that we only use the very
fluffiest and highest quality clusters.

Shop our Down Pillows

Plush Pillow

Plush Down Pillow

Bring some fluffy hotel luxury to your bedroom, filled with 100% of the finest white down Canada has to offer. Plush pillows are encased in a 400 thread count long-staple shell for the ultimate indulgence.

Mid-Plush Pillow

Mid-Plush Down Pillow

Enjoy an all-around great sleep with our Mid-Plush Pillow. Constructed with a firm feather pillow inside a plush down pillow, it balances support and softness to give you the best of both worlds in one pillow.

Firm Pillow

Firm Down Pillow

Our Firm Pillow is made with a 86/14 mixed combination of premium feathers and down, balancing high quality feather firmness with down fluffiness, for ultimate support and comfort every night.

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We’re raising our prices soon.

Since our launch five years ago, prices of cotton and other key commodities have significantly increased. Paying our suppliers fairly and providing you with the best products on the market is paramount to us—to that end, prices of some of our Classic and Luxe sheets will rise up to 15% starting March 26th, 2019.