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Marlow Pillow

The best pillow for the most people by Marlow

Marlow Pillow

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The best pillow for the most people by

Back or neck pain? Tossing and turning? Not anymore. Marlow is a combination of 80% memory foam and 20% polyester fiber creating the perfect balance of comfort and support. Backed by years of research, we built a pillow with the ability to adjust the firmness via zipper, so it can evolve with your sleeping habits. Did we mention it also has cooling-infused foam and breathable mesh so you stay cool all night long? Go ahead and get your best rest. 

  • Memory foam is cooling-infused
  • Super supportive and adjustable
  • Comes in two sizes
    • Standard: 17.5" x 26", 40 oz. weight
    • King: 17.5" x 36", 55 oz. weight
  • Filling: 80% polyurethane foam (memory foam) and 20% polyester fiber
  • Shell fabric is a 100% cotton, 120 GSM sateen fabric
  • 100% polyester, 180 GSM fabric Mesh gussets
  • Made in China
  • 100% vegan and allergy friendly
  • A fluff a day keeps flatness away. Keep your pillow’s filling distributed evenly with daily fluffing.
  • Want to know more about our pillows? Good. We've got the info, here.

Marlow Pillow

The best pillow for the most people by Marlow

Adjustable Firmness

Your pillow, your way. Easily control the memory foam firmness with a zipper (no messy storage required).

Super Supportive

A unique blend of firmness and loft, our pillow can shift alongside your evolving sleep habits to keep delivering the rest you need.

It’s Cool

Our cooling infused foam with breathable mesh provides ideal airflow to keep those dreams coming.

Our Materials

Our adjustable pillow has an 80/20 split of cooling-infused memory foam and polyester fiber, giving it the perfect balance of softness and support.

About Marlow

Discover your best rest. Marlow simplifies the confusing pillow market with one high-quality, best-in-class pillow. We've perfected the balance of comfort (ultra-soft polyester fabric) and support (aerated memory foam), 'cause your pillow should be the last thing that keeps you up at night.

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