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Celebrating Pride: 4 Love Stories From Our Team

We asked four of our favorite Brooklinen couples on what makes their house a home!

Jun 21, 2018

At Brooklinen, we believe what makes a house a home is sharing it with the ones you love. And since Brooklinen also believes that home is where the heart is, we reached out to four of our favorite Brooklinen couples and asked: What is it about life with your loved one that makes being with them feel like home? Here’s what they had to share.

Reid + Sathi (Brooklinen Models)

We’re constantly stuck somewhere between feeling like we’re still on our first date and like we’re 70-year-olds who have been together for way too long. Everything she does, I would do the complete opposite way, but in each other we have somehow found a home.

Reid (left) and Sathi (right) | Brooklinen models Reid and Sathi

Our life together is consistent, but never boring. We have champagne Mondays to make the beginning of the work week less difficult. Staying home together cooking, stuffing our faces, and falling into bed is the best part of my week.

We’re constantly learning and growing together, and to us that’s really what love is all about— loving someone through all the changes and challenges life throws at you. Those challenges become so much easier when you have your best friend right there next to you every step of the way.

Be sure to keep up with Reid (@reid_newton) and Sathi (@svthi) on Instagram.

Katie + Rachel (as told by Katie, a Senior Designer at Brooklinen)

Rach and I moved to Brooklyn together from Australia two years ago.

Neither of us had lived overseas before and initially, New York was really hard to settle into. From discovering that checks are apparently still a thing to surviving our first real winter, and of course, missing family and friends.

Katie (left) and Rachel (right) | ALIGN : RIGHT | Brooklinen models Katie and Rachel

But even at our worst moments, Rach and I always had each other to come home to. It is a big cheesy cliché, but she is my rock.

She’s seen the absolute worst version of me and, somehow, is still here. She makes me want to do better and be a better person. But at the same time, I never feel pressure to change myself. I am instantly at ease when I walk through the door and see her face. She also has great dental hygiene and reminds me to floss regularly.

We are polar opposites and yet seem to have everything that matters in common. I love her ridiculous amounts and no matter what city or situation we are in, she will always be my home.

Chris + Grant (Brooklinen Models)

We feel most at home together when we create something together. It can be something as simple as a preparing a meal or as complex as an artistic painting. When we spend time together creating, it naturally brings us closer together. It’s an automatic sync-up, where we can check in with the other while simultaneously bringing something new into the world. We both love art and we both love each other. So making art from love is next level!

Chris (left) and Grant (right) | Brooklinen models Chris and Grant

Comfort in life together comes from looking back on the memories we create together. And to us, that feels like home.

Jack + Jack (as told by Jack, a Customer Experience Lead at Brooklinen whose partner's name also happens to be Jack)

Jack and Jack | ALIGN : LEFT | Brooklinen models Jack and Jack

A few years back, my college friend wanted to set me up with someone  and asked if I had ever thought about dating a guy with the same name as me. I laughed, accepted, and by the next week, Jack and I were meeting for beers. That was two and half years ago.

Jack accepted me, and still accepts me, for exactly who I am, and for everything that I want to be in this world. He encourages me. Challenges me. Celebrates me. His constant support is like a perpetual hug -- an embrace that you can’t really describe on paper.

When we’re home -- that hug becomes real, and nothing else matters. Our home is where the hugs are, and he is my eternal hug.

Be sure to keep up with Jack, on the left, (@jackciapciak) and Jack, on the right, (@jacklorentzen) on Instagram.

We’re donating part of every purchase made this month to New Alternatives, a group dedicated to helping NYC’s homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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