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A Look Into Our New Collaboration with The Inside

We catch up with our Co-Founder, Vicki and Founder of the Inside, Christiane.

Apr 24, 2019

We caught up with our co-founder Vicki and founder of The Inside, Christiane, to talk in detail about our new, exciting collaboration.  

What inspired a collaboration with The Inside?

Vicki: I'm really inspired by The Inside's freshness and exploration with color and pattern, and how they are leading the charge with showing people how to weave color and brightness via custom furniture into their homes, for every style. We do that with bedding, offering core sets with minimalist neutrals alongside limited-edition seasonal offerings that layer in new dimension and play with color and pattern. It's a really fun juxtaposition and visual interest to explore.

What was the main inspiration behind the design?

Christiane: We were inspired by all things Gio Ponti, the Italian designer and founder of Domus.  From his Villa Planchart, to The Hotel Parco Dei Principi, Gio’s sprezzatura - or zest for life - can be seen in everything he does. His playful geometric shapes have inspired generations of designers, most specifically the ceramic tiles that he produced during the 1950s-70s. His studies of geometry and use of color in these majolica tiles served as the main inspiration for the "Gio” pattern in our collaboration.

What did you hope to capture through the designs that would bring something new to Brooklinen?

Vicki: I love working with color and pattern, and was eager to do it in a bigger way, but have always been cautious of the eye feeling overstimulated and busy in the bedroom. When I met and connected with Christiane, in learning about how she approaches design and style, I knew that with the Inside, and our complimentary aesthetics, we would kind of create the perfect harmony, and I think we did! They've never done bedding and we've never done furniture, and it was a thrill to not only develop the pattern together, but to then pair it with the furniture and textures they have created in a way that feels simultaneously colorful, warm, serene, and balanced. Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Gio in Rose on Cream

Explain the color choice of the two products?

Vicki: We wanted the products to serve customers with differing styles and interiors, so offering palettes for the person that wants something light as well as for the person that wants something deep was ideal. The pattern looks and feels quite different depending on the color combination, so we did a lot of testing, and ultimately fell in love with the softness and romantic element the pink and cream brought to the geometric pattern, and then conversely, the pulled-together and cool effect you get from the navy and steel.

What are the commonalities between Brooklinen and The Inside that propelled a collaboration?

Christiane: When I met Rich and Vicki I knew right away that we were aligned in so many ways. We love our customer, we love design, we want to over-deliver on everything for the home, and we are all trying to find ways to get our customers the most for their design dollar. We believe in great service, great quality, great price and that design can make your life better. Plus, we make gorgeous beds, Rich and Vicki make the best bedding, so it’s just a huge win for our customers. It’s the perfect one stop shop for the best in bedroom.

How can we best pair the products for spring?

Christiane: Spring is all about bringing in the new. We really love the idea of pairing the linear geometry of the Gio bedding with a complementary curved headboard (like our Demilune Bed or Demilune Headboard).  The contrast is beautiful and it makes for a truly modern update to any sleeping space. Try it in a tonal, like mixed blues or complementary spring colors like blush and moss. A gorgeous bedroom will have you sleeping pretty.

Check out the collection here

Written by Hayley Hill

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