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Bedding’s Most Divisive Trend: The Flat Sheet Debate

To use a flat sheet or not to use a flat sheet? That is the question.

Feb 26, 2021

To use a flat sheet or not to use a flat sheet? That is the question that’s currently abuzz in the design world. While fans of the classic flat sheet say that it’s way more than just a functional form of bedding, others argue that it’s not as necessary as you may think. Read ahead for everything you need to know about the flat sheet debate, and why ultimately, flat sheets will always reign supreme.

The Debate
There are two types of sleepers in the world, those that sleep hot at night and those who tend to get cold while they sleep. Flat sheet shunners typically fall in the former category, and feel the extra layer of bedding can make the problem worse. Those in favor of ditching the flat sheet argue that a quality comforter in a comfy duvet cover and a fitted sheet are all the insulation you need.

Another group of flat sheet skeptics are people that toss and turn at night. These types of sleepers argue that they require more room to move around in bed, and a tightly tucked in flat sheet can feel restraining. However, when left untucked, some tossers-and-turners feel that their frequent movements often lead to contending with a twisted and bunched up flat sheet all night, and then again when making the bed in the morning—giving rise to simply ditching the flat sheet altogether.

Why You Need a Flat Sheet
While it might seem like shunning a flat sheet will help you sleep cooler at night, that may not always be always the case. When warm sleepers start to feel overheated at night, switching from a blanket or comforter to just a flat sheet can be a tremendous help—especially during the summer. Additionally, if you share a bed with a cold sleeper, having a flat sheet handy ensures that you can provide your partner with an extra layer of insulation whenever they start to feel chilly.

And though at face value it might appear to a flat-sheet skeptic that forgoing a flat sheet makes good sense, the reality is that flat sheets provide more than just insulation—they function as a hygienic protective layer between your body and your quilt, blanket, or comforter (if it’s not in a duvet cover). You’ll learn quickly that if you rid your bed of a flat sheet, you’ll be forced to wash your blankets and bulkier pieces of bedding more frequently than you had to in the past, which will add up to lots of additional time, money, and resources spent on laundry in the long run.

The Bottom Line
Flat sheets offer more than just comfort. They can help you you’re your bedmate) stay both warm and cool at night, they provide a more hygienic sleeping environment, they save you time and money on laundry, and they extend the life of your quilts, blankets, or comforters.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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