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All About | Mar 05, 2020

Happy International Women's Day

All AboutMar 05, 2020

Happy International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, Brooklinen wants to empower the next generation of female leaders and culture shapers. We worked with our Product Development team and manufacturing partners to create a tee-shirt with a rally cry for women everywhere (not just in the tech world). Embroidered on the collar of our ultra-soft Loungewear Delancey and Prospect Tees, in a new red colorway, we’ve written “Take Ctrl.”


100% of proceeds from this Limited Edition tee will go toward building a scholarships for Women Take Tech, an initiative from the Flatiron School which gives females in the tech industry and opportunity to learn how to (or hone skills) in coding, development, and programming.

Committed to Changing the Face of Tech

Since 2012, the Flatiron School has awarded over $8M in scholarships towards women and underrepresented groups, formalizing their commitment with the launch of our Women Take Tech initiative in 2017. We knew that they would be the perfect partner for International Women’s day. 

We sat down with a few of Brooklinen’s employees and students of the Flatiron School to talk about being a woman in tech and how it has affected their careers. Here is some of advice they have for starting a career in tech: 



“I think community makes you a good person. I’m lucky enough to have a company who supports women, and our people team brings such a good group of people together who support each other.”


Natalie | ALIGN : LEFT


“Confidence is a really big thing. Difficult to overcome a lack of confidence in these situations but I think just trying to focus on that and trying to forget about every thing else going on, and knowing your worth outside of the context, because the context can definitely change how you feel about yourself.”

Morgan | ALIGN : RIGHT


“Stick with it. Give it a chance. We all hit obstacles, you just have to push past them and believe in yourself. Don’t turn away from the field just cause you hit a snag.”


Elizabeth | ALIGN : LEFT


“Raise your hand and don’t be afraid to try something new. My favorite part of working in tech is seeing something that I imagined come to life.”

Meghann | ALIGN : RIGHT


“I wanted to be a teacher from a young age cause I always thought, that’s a good career for a mom. It’s liberating to know, I don’t have to think that way. I can be a software engineer if I want. And I am.”

Are you a woman in tech? Someone who celebrates them? We are big proponents of moving toward a world where gender parity is standard practice. Help us empower the women of tech today, and who knows what incredible things they’ll develop tomorrow.

Support Women in Tech here

Hayley is the Social Media & Editorial Manager at Brooklinen. Formerly a journalist at Inside Edition, she has a background in news, and editorial journalism. Hayley is also a photographer and has had her work featured in Disfunkshion Magazine & Misadventures Magazine. This California native loves to be outdoors and can be found surfing and dancing in her free time. Follow her on IG @hayhayhill

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