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Style | Jun 07, 2019

How to Design a Small Bedroom

StyleJun 07, 2019

How to Design a Small Bedroom

Any big city dweller can relate to the plight of the tiny apartment—and it’s always the bedroom that seems to get the shaft. That’s why we’ve gathered our top ten small-space decorating tips, from multitasking furniture to clever color schemes. Read on to discover how you can still live large in even the smallest of spaces.

Store smart

Don’t let all that precious real estate under your bed go to waste! You can either invest in a storage bed or create your own DIY storage solution by raising your current bed (if need be) and adding drawers or storage containers underneath. Vacuum seal storage bags will help you pack even more in, without looking disorganized or cluttered.

Live in color

Did you know dark hues can actually make a small space feel larger, depending on how you use them? Rather than drenching a room in color, turn one wall into a bold accent. Accent walls visually enlarge a space and also create a welcome contrast, making the rest of the room feel brighter by comparison. We love rich jewel tones, like teal or burgundy

Keep it light

Whether you go for an accent wall or not, keep the rest of the room’s palette fairly neutral. We’re fans of white, for its excellent light-catching effect. Layer on textures with a mix of materials to keep the neutral palette lively. Clear furniture pieces, like this acrylic desk, look chic without being obtrusive.

Go double duty

Multipurpose furniture is the best friend of the spatially-challenged. Some of our favorite ideas: A dresser that doubles as a nightstand, a bookshelf that functions as a room divider, storage benches, ottomans and poufs and nesting tables.

Be on the wall

Free up floor space with stylish wall-mounted pieces that look as if they’re floating above the floor. Items like sconces, shelves, nightstands and drop-leaf desks will help contain clutter while also serving an essential function.

Trick the eye

Mirrors are the number one way to make a space look larger. The ultimate light-reflectors, mirrors work best when placed directly opposite a window to reflect the outdoors. Furniture with mirrored surfaces, like nightstands and dressers, are also a great way to make a room feel more spacious.


Bigger is not always better. Daybeds, twin beds, and even Murphy beds can be cozy options in a room that’s pressed for size. To make your bed feel elegant and grown-up, dress it up in luxe linens, like our buttery-smooth Luxe Sateen Sheets topped with a comfy-as-a-cloud down comforter.

Create a gallery

Not only does a gallery wall add depth, it also offers an opportunity for expressing your personality. Go for simple, coordinated frames or mix it up with a range of finishes and styles, and let your favorite paintings and photographs shine.

Skip the bed frame

If your room is especially minute, ditch the sizeable bed frame in favor of a simple, sleek headboard. It’s all you really need to make your bedroom appear polished but not ponderous.

Go green

Houseplants are a wonderful way to add fast style to your bedroom, without the need for a bulky piece of furniture. Plus, fresh greens help clean the air and some even improve your sleep. It’s a win win!

So if you’re sleeping in cramped quarters, don’t worry. These tips will take your space from snug to stylish in no time.

Kamala Nair is a London-based writer. Her work has appeared in 1stdibs Introspective, Luxe Interiors + Design and, among other publications. Read an excerpt of her debut novel, The Girl in the Garden (Grand Central Publishing, 2011) here:

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