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How to Thoughtfully Organize Your Bedroom

Lisa Jacobs, Founder Imagine It Done, gives us the most efficient ways to organize your bedroom.

Aug 23, 2019

An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life. We are taking notes from Lisa Jacobs, the Founder & CEO of professional home organization service Imagine It Done, for expert advice on how to keep your bedroom organized:

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Invest in a Storage Bed

Storage beds are a great way to store bulky items including extra linens and towels, out of season clothing, memorabilia, and more. It's your very own storage unit in your apartment! You can generally find two types of storage beds: a pull up bed or set of drawers. For clothing, as well as accessories and random stuff, you will need a bed with storage that either provides drawers, either built into the frame or in the headboard, or an under the mattress foundation. In the set-up of a platform bed storage, remember to categorize and contain clothing in garment protected bags so they do not get ruined. 

The Dresser

The dresser is an invaluable furnishing for maximum storage in the bedroom. The dresser serves as storage for underwear, pajamas, t-shirts and workout clothing. If there is sufficient wall space, maximize on the length of the dresser, especially if you are sharing it with a partner. Divide the dresser in half to accommodate for each person’s belongings. It is very important to consider the depth of drawers to contain bulkier clothing, like sweatshirts and sweatpants. Vertically stack clothing in drawers so everything is in view. Plus, use drawer dividers to keep categories and clothing rows in place. 

Maximize Vertical Space

Maximize the height of all spaces with organizational accessories. We love using floating shelves to help alleviate space in tight clothing closets by curating the shelves with pretty accessories like handbags and clutches. Not only does this create extra storage but it allows you to curate and merchandise your walls. 

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Nightstand Organization

Nightstands are important to place bedside, however, they are best used for table top function versus drawer organization. Consider a nightstand to rest on each side of the bed. When purchasing, it is important to note how much space is available on each side of the bed and the dimension of the table top. The nightstand is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before going to sleep, so it is important to keep it clean and simple. Nightstand organization should be created according to your evening routine. If you like to read before bedtime place your favorite book in the drawer or on the nightstand. Try to keep the tabletop space clutter free with a decorative lamp and a few framed photos.

If you need drawer space, limit the size. Do not confuse nightstands with dressers. The larger the drawer, the more you will clutter. We recommend lining nightstand drawers with acrylic trays for personal items. Keep it clean and simple. 

Be Thoughtful

Be careful with impulse buying.  Deliberate choices, as furnishings can be costly and the return process can be overwhelming. Always keep in mind cost, delivery time, and return policy.

Written by Lisa Jacobs

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