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It's Time To Freshen Up Your Zoom Game

Need a fresh Zoom background? We've got you covered. 

Dec 18, 2020

Now that so many of us have almost a full year of Zoom experience, we've experimented with the many ways to improve our work from home “office” spaces. Whether your kids play the occasional cameo or your dog is nibbling at your feet hinting for their next walk, we have a few ideas to keep your boss from asking any questions.

Rearrange a space with a clean background
With the stay at home orders still in effect, people have been utilizing their spaces in new ways. Hosting friends and dinner parties is on hold for the unforeseeable future, so maybe think of turning your dining area into your office space. Clearing off wall space for a plain background is also nice and situating yourself so that your window is not behind you so you don;t literally get overshadowed.

Freshen up your Zoom backgrounds
I think we are all tired of looking like we are in long stalk green grass or the classic Golden Gate overlook. Zoom’s backgrounds are very old at this point. Try switching it up with some of our newest patterns to add a little flair to your game, plus it’s sure to be a conversation starter!

For a vibrant pick-me-up background, try our patterns.

For when you want a funny and relatable conversation starter.

For when you just don’t want to make your bed... Your coworkers will never know. 

For when you are in bed but don’t want anyone to know.

For when you need a little escape to your Dream World.

Happy Zooming! Tag @brooklinen for a chance to be featured on our social channels. 

Written by Hayley Hill

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