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Road Trip Essentials for Your Summer Travels

From cushy backseat blankets to on-the-go-ready-towels and more, these staples will ensure your long distance drive goes more smoothly.

Aug 23, 2021

There’s no better time than summer to take a road trip somewhere fun. Before you hit the road, don’t forget to pack some travel-friendly essentials to ensure your long distance drive goes more smoothly. From cushy backseat blankets to on-the-go-ready-towels and more, here are five road trip staples that will make all your summer travels go more swimmingly. 


Comfortable driving clothes

Whether you’re venturing out for a long weekend upstate or driving across the country, dressing in soft, breathable garments is key to staying comfortable on the road. For a breezy daytime getup that’s sleek enough to wear at any stops along the way, consider pairing the relaxed-fitting Clark or Morgan Tank with the lightweight French Terry Bowery or Bleeker Shorts.


If you’re traveling somewhere with a cooler climate or want something warmer to slip into after the sun sets, pack a loose but slightly structured fleece zip-up, like the Lafayette or Montague Zip Hoodie. It’s also a good idea to keep a pair of stylish, easy to slip-on drawstring sweatpants on hand, such as the Bushwick or Bedstuy Pant, to stay snug once the temperature drops.


Cushy Pillows

A couple of cushiony pillows can go a long way on a road trip. Whether you have passengers that plan on napping along the way or simply want to make your car seats more comfy, you can’t go wrong with some super soft, yet supportive pillows, like the Down or Down Alternative Pillow


To protect your pillows from inevitable spills and stains along the way, consider covering them in a cooling pillowcase, such as the 100-percent long staple cotton Classic Pillowcases. This way, you and your road trip passengers can stay comfy and cozy inside your car—and feel more refreshed when you reach your destination. 


Lightweight blankets

A lightweight blanket provides more than something soft to snuggle up in on a long ride, it can turn the backseat of your car into a bona fide sleep space for nap breaks. Stick with an ultralight blanket composed of a breathable fabric, like the 100-percent cotton Lightweight Quilt, or the super-soft Baby Alpaca Throw, to ensure you and your co-pilots stay comfortable inside your car without cramping up the space. 


Reliable towels  

Whether you’re looking for something to dry yourself off with after an impromptu dip in the lake or to lay on while sunbathing at your oceanside destination, soft and absorbent towels are imperative to pack for a long distance road trip. Lightweight and fast-drying, Ultralight Bath Sheets are perfect for on-the-go use, while the Scenic Beach Towel features a velour front that makes it super comfortable to lounge on. 


On-the-go must-haves 

When deciding what items to bring on a road trip, it pays to be proactive about unexpected stops along the way. A large, 100-percent Linen Quilt can moonlight as a plush picnic blanket for quick food breaks, while a lightweight robe, like the ultra soft jersey Atlantic Robe, can keep you warm during evening pit stops (and help you dry off faster in a pinch.)  



Written by Caroline Biggs

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