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What Should You Swap for Spring?

Let the dark days of winter go by trading-in your dark, plush favorites for refreshing, light spring staples.

Mar 04, 2020

The air is getting warmer. The sun is shining longer. Spring is right around the corner! No matter how many springs we’ve lived through, we’re still surprised each year by its moody temperatures. Some days bite like winter and others kiss like summer. But as spring sets in, you’ll absolutely want to survive its temperament by lightening the load of plush winter staples that have had your back for the last few months. Don’t worry, you’ll see them again soon. In the meantime, consider the refreshing replacements we have in mind for you.

Image by @emily_michelson | ALIGN : LEFT

Go for Light Linens

You can’t go wrong with linen. It is light, airy, and has anti-bacterial properties. Our linen’s flax fibers are soft and moisture-wicking to ensure you’ll remain cool but cozy in spring’s humidity. We know your super plush robe has kept you warm this winter but swapping for our linen robe and linen bedsheets this spring will help you make the most of the changing season in a functional yet stylish way. 

Or Classic Sheets

If the crisper look and feel is more your thing, go for classic hotel-quality sheets. Our classic core sheets are perfect for hot sleepers. They’ll keep you calm and cool in the upcoming humid temps because they’re made of 100% long-staple cotton. Cotton is moisture absorbent and lightweight but cozy enough to maintain moderate temps all night. 

Upgrade Your Loungewear 

Trade-in that hoodie you’ve been throwing on after long workdays for a relaxed tee or tank. Those joggers you’re living in will be seeking a more breathable friend this season. Investing in high-quality loungewear isn’t just for keeping things seasonally appropriate, but it’s also sure to last you the season. 

Image by @oleanderandpalm | ALIGN : RIGHT

Trade in the Towels

Stowaway your super plush towels until autumn. We know they’ve kept you warm and toasty this winter but the time for lighter towels has come. Spring is the perfect time to pick up ultralight towels that will carry you through summer. Our ultralight towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton making them fast drying and strong without compromising on soft. 

And if for you spring is just a reminder that summer is around the corner, then hammam towels are what you’re looking for! Sure, they’re perfect for the beach or days by the pool. But, these bold stripes and fringed hems will dress up any bathroom in the meantime.  

Add Pizzaz

If your place seems to be holding on to the darkness of winter, spring is the perfect time to jazz it up. Consider this when you’re deciding on what to swap in for spring. Opting for linen or hammam towels will add new, fun textures to your space. Updating your bedsheets gives you the opportunity to play with new patterns and colors that can bring your bedroom to life. And if you’re looking forward to the light-leaks through your favorite window, a few new plants on your windowsill will help remind you that spring promises brighter days ahead.

Written by Cybele Ramirez

Cybele is a freelance writer covering all things culture and lifestyle. She’s also a content strategist in the tech startup space and mastering Media Studies at The New School. You can find this native New Yorker canoodling her two dogs, trying out a new recipe, or on IG @cybelina.

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