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We’re big fans of staying in bed all day, but sometimes you have to get up, and move…to the couch. Or the kitchen. So we created simple, ultra-comfortable, high-quality loungewear pieces that make you feel like you never left bed.

There are times you have to get out of bed and move…to the couch. Or the kitchen. Wherever you move, our simple, high-quality loungewear makes it ultra comfortable.


Made to last. So you
can recycle that old tee.

curated basics

in effortless silhouettes,
with a color palette
designed to mix and match.

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Ethically crafted with your comfort in mind

Our goal is to offer you the highest-quality materials at prices that won't keep you up at night. So when searching for a partner to produce our loungewear, the goal was no different. Based in Long Beach, CA, we chose a manufacturer who relies on solar-power and utilizes low-impact and socially responsible practices. Every single piece produced undergoes 5 separate quality-control checkpoints before being sent out into the world for you to enjoy.

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We’re raising our prices soon.

Since our launch five years ago, prices of cotton and other key commodities have significantly increased. Paying our suppliers fairly and providing you with the best products on the market is paramount to us—to that end, prices of some of our Classic and Luxe sheets will rise up to 15% starting March 26th, 2019.