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5 Colorful Decor Ideas That Are Easier Than Painting Your Room

From kiwi-hued bedding to colorful coffee table books, these décor accents will transform any space into a vibrant scene.

Jul 31, 2020

Nothing brightens up a room faster than a fresh coat of bold-colored paint, but what to do when you don’t have time or energy to devote to a paint job? Fret not friends, with the right décor items, you can transform any space into a colorful scene without ever lifting a paint brush.

To prove our point, we rounded up five vibrant décor ideas that will instantly liven up a room—no paint necessary. From kiwi-hued bedding to colorful coffee table books, here’s what we found.


1. Bold Bedding

Looking for a pretty but practical way to bring a burst of color and personality to a room? Instead of traditional all-white bedding, consider bed linens in any eye-catching shade of green. Pick up the Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle in an earthy shade of green, like Honeydew, for a subdued pop of color that meshes well with a minimalist design scheme. Or, go for bed coverings in a more commanding shade of green, like Kiwi, to turn your bed into a colorful bedroom focal point.


2. Bright Accents

Never underestimate the impact a few bright-colored decorative accents can make in a bedroom. Swap out your humdrum alarm clock for one with a bold finish, such as the Charlie Bell Echo Clock by Newgate in Red or Yellow, to instantly brighten up your nightstand. Or display an oversized coffee table book with a colorful cover, like Case Study Houses or Great Escapes Italy by Taschen, to bring a dash of drama to a bedside table or dresser.


3. Colorful Artwork

When you can’t paint your walls in a bold hue, hanging colorful artwork is the next best thing. For an eye-catching framed print teeming with both warm and cool hues, consider Blue Notes by Daylight Dreams Editions. If artwork with gradient tones of the same color is more your style, try Cumulus No. 3 by Molly Frances, which features a medley of moody blue hues.


4. Houseplants

A little natural greenery goes a long way when infusing color into a neutral room. Dress up your bedroom windowsill with a gorgeous leafy green houseplant in a warm-toned planter, like the Philodendron Green in Peach by The Sill, to liven up the area.  Or, employ a colorful plant with both red and green leaves, like Calathea Dottie by The Sill, on your nightstand to drum up some bedside drama.


5. Metallic Lighting

When all else fails, you can always count a good-looking metallic-finished light fixture to make a statement in a bedroom. Switch out a lackluster flush mount for a gold sputnik-style pendant, like the Widget Trio Pendant by Color Cord Company, for a glamorous bedroom display, or install a pair of brass-finished wall sconces, such as the Plug-In Solo Sconce, on either side of your bed to add a hint of color and texture to the scene.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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