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5 Common Misconceptions About Linen Sheets

Free your mind and good bedroom style will follow. 

Jun 14, 2018

There are so many reasons to love linen sheets: they’re naturally eco-friendly (the flax plants from which they’re sourced require minimal water, almost no pest control, and little energy during production); they’re mildew- and microbial-resistant, and they remain relatively airy and cool to the touch, making them feel like a breeze during sweltering summer months. Still, a few common misconceptions persist in making consumers hesitant to consider linen bedding. Here, we debunk them one by one.

Image by @themoptop | ALIGN : RIGHT | Textured linen shot

It's rough

Au contraire, mon frères. Linen’s reputation for durability has somehow given it a bad rap when it comes to comfort. The truth is that linen becomes softer the more you use it—all without the pilling and degradation associated with other weaves like flannel—so you can rest easy. Bonus: Our linen sheets are stonewashed in our mill in Portugal for an ultra-gauzy feel from the get-go.

It looks too formal 

Perhaps you’ve been scarred by memories of those old-school pressed sheets used in European hotels. When left untucked and slightly wrinkled for a just slept-in look, the new linen is much more relaxed, perfect for those casual Netflix and chill weekends spent in bed.

They wrinkle too easily

This is only true if you’re the type who freaks over wrinkles. In fact, the wrinkling is the point. The new linen sheet is meant to evoke a kind of unruffled simplicity, and a lack of crispness keeps the feeling warm, cozy, and inviting, which is a look we can definitely get behind.

Image by @themoptop | ALIGN : LEFT | Lifestyle image of linen sheets and a dog

They're super delicate

Though some brands offer strict washing instructions and claim that their linen sheets will shrink if not followed explicitly, ours are meant to go right in the washer and dryer like any other bedding, making them ideal for everyday use.

They're expensive 

That all depends on where you’re shopping. Our linen sheets are virtually no more expensive than our classic percale and twill collections, so you can mix and match however you’d like—and sleep better knowing your wallet is still fat enough.

Written by Jennifer Fernandez

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