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5 Décor Items that Will Make Your Green Bedding Pop

From gold-tinted alarm clocks to earth-toned artwork and more, these décor accents will liven up your green bedding (without overpowering the rest of the space).

Aug 20, 2020

The right color combo can be a game-changer for your bedroom. But what do when you’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous set of kiwi or honeydew-hued bed linens, and aren’t sure what bedroom décor will complement them?

Fret not, my color-loving friends, we’re here to help. We did a little digging and discovered an assortment of décor items with hues and finishes that will instantly make your green bedding pop (without overpowering the rest of the space). From gold-tinted alarm clocks to earth-toned artwork and more, here’s what we found.

1. Metallic Light Fixtures

Modern glam lovers rejoice: Gold and brass-finished light fixtures provide a beautiful contrast to just about any shade of green bedding. To make a statement above your bed, swap out your flush mount lighting for the Widget Trio Pendant and allow it to liven up your green bedding. Or for a more subdued bedroom scene, install a pair of raw brass Plug-In Solo Sconces on either side of your bed for an equally stylish display.

2. Earth-Toned Artwork

Nothing brightens up green bedding faster than a neutral décor accent, which is why you should consider hanging some earth-toned artwork in your bedroom. Sprout by CDR features a medley of rich earthy hues, like golden yellow, deep brown, and sage, that will pair perfectly with a bed dressed in green, while Santa Fe 01 by Wit & Delight provides just enough warmth to mellow out the cool tones of kiwi or honey-dew colored bedding nicely.

3. Yellow Alarm Clock

If you thought yellow décor was reserved for primary color palettes, then it’s time to think again. The yellow-finished Echo Clock supplies a burst of personality and warmth that will instantly energize your green bedding. Not a fan of bright yellow? No problem. A gold-finished clock, like the Hotel Clock, provides a more subtle contrast without sacrificing any style.  



4. Neutral accents

You can always count on neutral décor accents to allow your kiwi or honeydew- colored bedding to take center stage. The stone-hued Gloss Vase features a versatile off-white glaze that will complement any bedroom aesthetic. For a more maximalist-minded look, employ the patterned Circle Dish on your nightstand for a dash of bedside drama.

5. Houseplants in Pastel Planters

Few things can naturally enhance green bedding like a few leafy houseplants, but if you pick the right color of planter, they can be even more impactful. Try a small succulent in a mint-colored planter, like the Echeveria Agavoides in Mini Prospect Planter, to play up the cool tones of your kiwi-hued bed linens. For a more eclectic display, go for a bigger plant in a blush planter, such as the Calathea Rattlesnake in Small Grant Planter, to create a bolder contrast with your honeydew-colored bedding.

Written by Caroline Biggs

Caroline is a writer living in New York City. She contributes regularly to publications including The New York Times, AD, and Apartment Therapy. When she’s not covering the latest in art, interiors, and design, she’s usually playing music, watering (and talking to) her plants, or hanging with her rescue bunnies, Daisy and Daffodil. You can find more of her work at

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