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5 Reasons to be Bold When Styling Your Home

Why you should stop playing it safe and easy ways to do so

Jul 19, 2021

Neutral tones are the sure-fire way to keep a space looking clean, put-together, and timeless. But you can seriously miss out on the benefits of colors, patterns, and textures by avoiding bold decor when designing your space. There are many reasons to go bold with your home decor, but we’ve curated the top five for you. 

Bold is mood-boosting

Color psychology tells us that certain colors can totally change our moods and have lasting impacts on our mental health

Warm tones can induce a sense of passion, positivity, and emotional stimulation. If your intimate spaces are feeling a bit stale in a neutral state, consider colors like rose, terracotta, or almond. These warm tones are bold and timeless but muted enough to work with any aesthetic preference. 


Cool tones like graphite, lavender, and a sky blue keep things calm and collected while radiating a sense of mystery. Go bold with cool tones in the spaces you tend to work in for a sense of focus and power. 


Patterns add dimension

Patterns can say a lot about a person. Whether you go for a minimal stripe, something eclectic and abstract, traditional florals, or a reimagined gingham, patterns make a statement. Going for bold design doesn’t alway mean bright colors. Patterns can have a similar effect in the way they add dimension, depth, and focus to a particular space. Whether you incorporate patterns in your bedsheets, your throw pillows, or an area rug, there’s always room to add some visual texture to your space. 

Step out of your comfort zone

Sometimes all you need in order to add some pep in your step is to walking out of your comfort zone. Trying something that feels equal parts true to you and totally new is great for breaking the monotony of being home. Say you’re into neutrals, have a go-to pattern, or opt for a certain color more often than not, take it up a notch. Try a totally new pattern, or go for your usual in a new colorway. If you tend to go for pastels, pick up something jewel-toned. If you’re a primary color lover, dabble in a secondary color palette. You can learn a lot about your sense of self and style along the way! 

Compliment your scale

Colors not only impact our mood and well-being. They also define our sense of space. Darker tones and warm hues can make a large space feel smaller and centered. This can be useful for achieving that cozy vibe you’re striving for. If you’ve got high ceilings, many windows, or an open floor plan, a bold sofa in a red, orange, or yellow color can make your living space feel grounded. 

If you live in a darker or smaller space, then light, bright, and cool tones can open a space up and give off an airy feel. If you have low ceilings or narrower floor plans, bright blues, sage greens, and light purples can give you a sense of having more space than you do. 

Showcase your true self

Using bold colors, patterns, and funky textures in your space gives you the opportunity to show off who you really are, what you like, and what inspires you. Your home should be a place where you feel truly yourself. So, go ahead, hang that piece of art you’ve been eyeing or get those funky throw pillows that you’re second-guessing. When you love each thing in your home, they have a funny way of coming together to perfectly represent you.

Written by Cybele Ramirez

Cybele is a freelance writer covering all things culture and lifestyle. She’s also a content strategist in the tech startup space and mastering Media Studies at The New School. You can find this native New Yorker canoodling her two dogs, trying out a new recipe, or on IG @cybelina.

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