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6 Stay-at-Home-Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas

If you thought celebrating Mother’s Day this year was impossible, then it’s time to think again.

May 08, 2020

If you thought celebrating Mother’s Day this year was impossible, then it’s time to think again. While stay-at-home orders and social distancing can make commemorating the occasion tricky, there are still several ways to shower your mom with love from afar.

Don’t believe us? We rounded up some quarantine-safe Mother’s Day ideas to prove our point. From throwing a virtual brunch to scheduling a family-wide Zoom call and more, here are six ways to thank your mom on Mother’s Day while staying at home.

1. Sit down to a virtual brunch.

When you can’t treat your mom to a traditional Mother’s Day brunch, a virtual one is the next best thing. Have your mom’s favorite restaurant deliver meals to both of you and eat them together on a Zoom or FaceTime call, or if you live close by, drop off a home-cooked brunch she can enjoy while chatting with you online. 

2. Write a letter.

A thoughtful note goes a long way when you can’t spend face-to-face time with your mom. Drop a handwritten letter to your mom in the mail a few days before May 10 so she can have it ready to read or if snail mail isn’t your style, email her a list of ten reasons you love her so she can wake up to it on Mother’s Day.

3. Plan a family-wide zoom call.

If Mother’s Day is usually a family-wide celebration, then consider scheduling an online video call with loved ones on the big day. Send out an evite to your mom, siblings, friends, and other family members with a set time and platform in place, such as Zoom or HouseParty, to use ahead of time, so you can all join together virtually on Mother’s Day to celebrate.

 Clinton Dress | ALIGN : LEFT

4. Gift cards FTW.

Looking for a goofproof Mother’s Day gift than any mom would love? Treat her to a Brooklinen gift card so that she can pick out some brand new, super plush bedding or a sleek but comfy loungewear getup that she can enjoy long after Mother’s Day passes.


5. Sign her up for an online class.

If your mom loves crafting, then we found the virtual Mother’s Day present for you. Sites such as Creative Live and Bluprint offer a slew of handy online knitting, crochet, painting, and photography classes that you can sign your mom up for as a Mother’s Day surprise.


     6. Send a houseplant.

The only thing better than presenting your mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day is giving her a gorgeous houseplant. If you’re having trouble finding a local florist that delivers during the quarantine, send your mom a pretty houseplant in a stylish planter, like the Large Monstera by The Sill, so she can have a Mother’s Day gift that keeps growing all year-long.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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