Tourists, A Look Inside The Upstate Location of Our New Fall Collection

Heathered Cashmere in Frosted Blue

For our fall shoot, we ventured into the Berkshire mountains to a place that seamlessly brings the outdoors in—a reimagined roadside motor lodge called Tourists. Ben Svenson, lead partner and designer for Tourists describes why so much of the space they created is nature-led: "...Nature is so unimaginably complex and beautiful that competing with it is a fool's errand." It was the absolute perfect place to cozy up with the comforts of the season.

Tourists has become a haven for creatives and city dwellers to find inspiration in the mix of design and nature on the 55 acre plot of land. Their mission is to “connect you with your vacation self and to serve as a basecamp for exploration and adventure.” So, it was a no-brainer to gravitate towards the Berkshires. Brooklinen Creative Director, Jess Gary explains her inspiration behind the shoot.  “As a New York transplant originally from California (where the climate is a perpetually warm 80 degrees), the changing of seasons is one of the things I love most about NYC. There's an unmistakable shift in the air when the temperatures cool. I wanted our fall shoot to capture the coziness and tranquility of fall on the East Coast, when the pace of life slows a bit, you become aware of the beauty of nature changing around you, and relish the outdoors before retreating inside for the long winter.”

Lambswool Throw in Stripe | ALIGN : LEFT

Tourists is situated in the Berkshires, which means there is no shortage of hiking trails, riverbanks and sculptural installations. We love that it’s a getaway where you can retreat from the city and wind down in peace while also finding stimulation through art. MASS MoCA is a short drive away, for a fun day outing. There is also a beautiful extension bridge on the property that serves as a great spot to walk and take pictures. For a night outing, stop by Bright Ideas Brewing, which is just 3 miles away and has an amazing selection of craft beers (one of the founders of Tourists is also a founder of Bright Ideas.)

This time of year is especially enchanting with the fall foliage making upstate a destination for travel. The vibrant oranges and yellows set the tone for our fall inspiration. Brooklinen’s Senior Manager of Product Development, Katie Elks tells us the inspiration behind the new fall line. “For our fall bedding and throws, we leaned into warm cream and brown tones, as well as wintry blues, which complement each other and seamlessly work into any room décor. Tourists was a great place to highlight our fall products. They’ve created a space where you relax and recharge, and feel comfortable enough just lounging and being comfortable without the pressure to fill your day with too many activities. ”

Our Cashmere collection cabin in the woods, oversized sweater, crackling fire with a hot cocoa in-hand levels of cozy, kind of feel. Our Heathered Cashmere sheets are made with a unique diagonal weave and custom brushed finish for an incredibly soft feel without being hot or heavy. Our new throws also complement any bedding color and give the bedroom and home a modern and woodsy look while keeping you coziest throughout the home. We are so excited for you to try our new products and now you have another reason to stay in bed a bit longer! 

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