Difference Between our Mid-Plush, Super-Plush and Ultralight Towels

Difference Between our Mid-Plush, Super-Plush and Ultralight Towels

A good set of bath towels can make your morning shower feel more like a spa day. That’s why it pays to know what characteristics to look for when purchasing high-quality towels.

Per usual, Brooklinen is here to help. We broke down the difference between our mid-plush, super-plush, and ultralight towels and sheets so you know exactly what you’re buying into before you start shopping. Read ahead for a foolproof guide to figuring out the right type of towel for you.

The Low Down on our Mid-Plush Towels

Composed of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, our Mid-Plush bath towels and sheets are the most absorbent ones we have to offer. Thin and lightweight, we designed our Mid-Plush towels to be super soft and perfect for everyday use.

The Mid-Plush Bath Towel Breakdown:

  •      Ultra absorbent

  •      Insanely soft single-ply construction

  •      Lightweight (only 550 GSM)

  •      Quick drying

  •      Thin and easy to handle

  •      Good for everyday use

Mid-Plush Move-In Bundle in Graphite

A Lesson on our Super-Plush Towels

Thicker and fluffier than our mid-plush towels, our Super-Plush towels are designed to provide luxury spa-like comfort. Not only do they get softer and fluffier with every wash, our Super-Plush towels will quickly dry you off—without it drying out your skin.

The Super-Plush Bath Towel Breakdown

  •      Thick and blanket-like

  •      Ultra soft single-ply construction

  •      Heavyweight (820 GSM)

  •      Won’t irritate skin

  •      Get more soft and fluffy over time

And Let's Not Forget Our Ultralight Towels

Simple but versatile, our Ultralight Towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton and boast a super soft terry weave. Designed as a lightweight option for travelers, gym-goers, and warm weather dwellers, our Ultralight Towels are easy to carry and quick-drying--making them an awesome alternative for people on-the-go.

The Ultralight Towel Break Down -

  •      Ultra lightweight (320 GSM)

  •      Fast-drying

  •      Easy to carry

  •      Energy-saving (takes less time to machine dry)

  •      Good for warm weather areas

Before you stock up on high-quality bath towels, take the time to consider what characteristics are most important to you. If you’re looking for a soft but super absorbent towel for everyday use, our Mid-Plush towels are the way to go. However, if you’re in the market for something a little more spa-like, our ultra fluffy Super-Plush towels are a great solution. And for those of you searching for the perfect towel to use on-the-go, consider our Ultralight Towel as a lightweight and fast-drying alternative.

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