Everything You Need to Know About Heathered Cashmere

Everything You Need to Know About Heathered Cashmere

We all crave coziness when the weather cools, and there’s nothing cozier (or more luxurious) than cashmere—capturing that feeling of covetable comfort is what inspired us to launch our Heathered Cashmere collection. But while most of us are familiar with how impossibly soft cashmere feels, we are going to dive deep with why you should invest in a set this Fall! 

So what exactly is cashmere and what does it feel like?

Cashmere is a type of wool derived from the soft, fleecy fibers that form the underlayer of a goat’s coat. These fibers come from Cashmere goats, which are most often found in areas of Asia. Goats grow this under-layer as insulation against the winter cold, but come spring, they naturally shed their coats. That’s when cashmere farmers comb the hair, separating the precious soft fibers from the coarser hairs and send it off to be spun and dyed. Cashmere is super soft and keeps you cozy and warm, which is why it is great for the fall and chilly seasons.

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What makes our Heathered Cashmere bedding so special?

Our Heathered Cashmere sheets combine the luxury cashmere with the lightweight breathability of cotton. So, you can enjoy the supreme softness of cashmere without ever feeling hot or heavy. Our Heathered Cashmere sheets are made with a diagonal weave and custom brushed finish for an incredibly soft feel. Plus, they get softer with every wash, like your favorite vintage tee.

What are the benefits of cashmere sheets? 

When the weather shifts, it’s a comforting ritual to also tweak your decor, to welcome the season. Flannel sheets used to be de rigueur but we think cashmere is so much more elegant and comfortable. Cashmere sheets will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, without ever being heavy or oppressive, so you can sleep more soundly on chilly winter nights. The best part? Our cashmere sheets are machine washable.

Basically, you can’t really go wrong with cashmere, in our book. It’s high quality, durable, breathable and so crazy soft you have to feel it to believe it. Just like every wardrobe needs at least one cashmere piece, whether it’s a scarf or a sweater, we’re firm believers that every linen closet needs at least one set of cashmere sheets.

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