Brooklinen x Good360: Delivering Comfort to All

Brooklinen x Good360: Delivering Comfort to All

Not only do our sheets feel good, but we work to make them do good, too. Almost 7 years ago, when Brooklinen was founded, we partnered with Good360 to distribute any returned product to donation centers across the country. And during Women’s History Month, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight the incredible work they do for nonprofits across the nation—the majority of which are shelters for women, families and survivors of domestic violence. 

Homelessness and housing insecurity is a harrowing reality for so many, especially during a pandemic. And due to systemic racism, income and resource inequality, it’s an issue that disproportionately affects women, particularly Black, Indigenous and trans women. Which is why we’re sharing info on Good360, and resources on ways you can bring comfort to and uplift the women who need it most.

Meet Good360
Wondering who Good360 is? Well, they’re the real do-gooders. As a global leader in product philanthropy, they provide companies, like ourselves, with socially responsible ways to donate physical goods. They do this by identifying unmet needs within the specific communities they serve, via their diverse network of more than 90,000 nonprofit members across the country. They also work with clients to figure out the best donation vehicles, since not all companies have tangible goods to donate. Some companies donate space or transportation, time, and technology. For us, the ability to provide so many basic comforts was an easy choice, and Good360 made it simple for us. 

When customers return unwashed and unused items back to our fulfillment center, each return is inspected before being restocked (if in new condition) and if our team finds that the product is washed, slightly used or slightly damaged, it will be consolidated for donation pickup. In addition to Good360, we partner with Acacia Network Housing to pick up products directly from our distribution center and deliver to individuals and families in the New York area. 

What can you do?
When we think of recycling, we often think of cans, bottles, newspapers, etc. But there’s so much in your home that could make a world of difference for someone in need. If you have gently used sheets, towels, bedding and other basic necessities, there is certainly a shelter or resource center near you that could use them. We’d suggest going through companies like Habitat for Humanity or Animal Haven to find the appropriate ways to donate. And you don’t need a holiday to do it. Every day is the best day to donate.

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