How to Build A Zen Den

How to Build A Zen Den

Creating a peaceful, meditative oasis at home is easier than you think. Whether you have a whole room to spare or will be carving out a corner in your tiny city apartment, dedicating a spot for your daily recharge is totally worth it. This is a space you can meditate in, do some journaling, wind down with yoga, or enjoy some silence. If you’ve been finding it hard to set boundaries between work life and home life, this could be especially great for your mental health. The set-up is simple. We’ve laid it for you:

Ground your space
Whatever size space you’re working with, it’s important that you clearly designate the zen zone. It’s the place you’ll settle into when you need to find some calm. So, ideally you won’t be doing anything other than totally chilling there. If you have limited space to work with, this could be bound by an area rug or your favorite reading chair. 

Choose calming tones
Light, neutral tones give off an easy-going, airy, and calming vibe. They emulate a blank canvas, which is perfect for clearing the mind and limiting distractions. If you’re working with colorful space you already love, achieve a calm aesthetic by decluttering the area of anything that doesn’t relax you. A messy room can lead to a messy mind! 

Keep it cozy
Getting to a state of zen is only possible if you’re comfortable in your space. Some ways to maximize coziness are to keep throw pillows and warm blankets nearby. Dimming the lights and lighting a candle will also do the trick when you’re enjoying the space. Depending on how you relax best, you should also consider keeping your zen den stocked with a portable speaker, an oil diffuser, or a yoga mat. 

Insert inspiration
More than anything, your zen den should help you recharge. Adding a sense of nature with plants or fresh cut flowers can have mood lifting affects. There are a few other ways to add good energy and inspiration to your den, such as posting your favorite mantra on the wall, adding a piece of artwork you love, keeping photos of your loved ones nearby. 

Make a commitment
Since we’ve established that setting up your zen den is fairly simple, the key step is making a commitment to use it! Dedicate a few minutes of your daily schedule to the zen den. It can be where you start your day, where you escape, or where you wind down before bed. No matter how you plan to use it, it’s important you do. Relaxation, meditation, and self care have longterm benefits to your mind and body. Plus– you totally deserve a break from your busy routine!

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