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How to Glow Up at Home in 2021

Decorating your space with wellness in mind is easier than ever. 

Jan 08, 2021

A little self-care can go a long way when you’re stuck at home. Luckily, there is an assortment of wellness-inspired ways to decorate your space with health and positivity in mind. From improving your quality of sleep with better bedding to turning your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, here’s how to glow up in 2021 with the help of some stylish home decor items.

Improve your quality of sleep
If you aren’t getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night, it might be time to upgrade your bedding.  Research shows there’s a connection between how well you sleep and how good you feel, suggesting that high quality bedding could have the power to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. Update your current bed coverings with buttery soft linens composed of rich, long-staple cotton fibers, like the Luxe Hardcore Bundle, as well as down-filled pillows and a plush mattress topper, so you can reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep—including an increased immune system—all year long.

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary
Your bathroom is brimming with design potential, it just takes the right decor items. Whether with an end-of-the-day soak in the bath or daily face mask, your bathroom should be a space where you can unwind and recharge throughout the day. Transform your bathroom into an in-home sanctuary with tufted bathmats, super-plush towels and robes, and scented candles and make the spa-like space it deserves to be.

Start a gratitude journal
Studies suggest that expressing gratitude can reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem, which is why there’s no better time than now to start your very own gratitude journal. Get your hands on a simple but sophisticated journal, such as the Keel's Simple Diary Volume Two or The Five Minute Journal, and try to write down at least three things a day that you are grateful for, to help lower your stress levels and focus on positivity.

Create a weekly exercise schedule
Whether it’s an in-home aerobics routine or a jog around the block, creating a weekly exercise schedule that you can stick to can have a big impact on your mental and physical health. With all the virtual fitness classes available online, taking the time to try out different indoor workouts is easier than ever. Once you find some exercises you enjoy, find ways to incorporate them into your weekly schedule to create a healthier lifestyle. Just make sure to have an Ultralight Bath Towel so you can dry off quickly post work-out.

Use decor that promotes healthy skin and hair


Newsflash: Certain materials actually promote healthier hair and skin, while others can trigger everything from tangles to breakouts. Do yourself a favor and invest in some tightly woven Mulberry Silk bedding accessories, to combat fine lines and wrinkles in your skin while you sleep. If you struggle with frizzy hair, no worries. Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Sheets and Towels feature an extra smooth weave that absorbs water faster while creating less friction, so your hair is less likely to tangle and frizz after drying off with one.

Stay inspired
Pursuing your creative interests can help reduce stress levels and improve your mental and physical health at home in the new year. Whether it’s designing a living room gallery wall with colorful artwork, such as Blue Notes by Daylight Dreams Editions, or curating a thoughtful collection of beautiful travel books that transport you to another place, creative hobbies are a scientifically-proven way to lower blood pressure and boost your mood.

Written by Caroline Biggs

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