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How To | Feb 07, 2020

How to Mix and Match Patterns in a Bedroom

How ToFeb 07, 2020

How to Mix and Match Patterns in a Bedroom

An eye-catching pattern can make a big impact in a bedroom. But what to do when you can’t settle on a single print for your space? Good news: When styled properly, a mix of different prints and patterns can vamp up your bedroom in no time. Read ahead for a handful of tips for incorporating a variety of patterns and prints in a bedroom.

Graphite and Graphite Grid | ALIGN : LEFT

1. Choose a dominant pattern

Whether it’s our new toffee painted dashed duvet cover or our graphite grid printed sheets, you’ll want to settle on one dominant pattern to serve as the palette and inspiration for the other colors and prints you’ll be integrating into your bedroom décor. You can add in accent patterns after you settle on your primary print.

2. Play with scale 

Patterns tend to work well in threes, especially if the scales are varied. Translation: Try to employ at least three different prints in your bedroom in a variety of scales—one large pattern, one medium, and one small or one large print with two small smaller scale ones, etc.—to prevent your patterns from looking overly match-y.

Navy, Navy Painted Dash on Cream | ALIGN : RIGHT

3. Break up patterns with solids 

Nothing ruins a bedroom faster than too many patterns on top of one another. Break up your patterned textiles with solid pillows, sheets, and décor (that draw from colors of your dominant pattern) to create visual interest in your room without making it look too busy.

4. Try the same pattern in a different color 

Searching for an easy way to incorporate different prints throughout your bedroom without overpowering the space? Instead of mixing an assortment of patterns, try picking one single print, like dashes or stripes, and finding pieces with the same unique pattern, but in a different color, to bring depth and dimension to your space.

5. Distribute patterns evenly 

Too many patterns on one side of your bedroom will make the space look unbalanced. Do yourself a favor and spread different patterns evenly throughout a room so the eye can travel around the entire space accordingly.

Caroline is a writer living in New York City. She contributes regularly to publications including The New York Times, AD, and Apartment Therapy. When she’s not covering the latest in art, interiors, and design, she’s usually playing music, watering (and talking to) her plants, or hanging with her rescue bunnies, Daisy and Daffodil. You can find more of her work at

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