How to Soundproof Your Room

How to Soundproof Your Room

A soundproof bedroom offers more than just a quiet place to retreat to at the end of the day—it can help you sleep better, too. The less distracting noise—aka loud neighbors, street traffic, etc.—the more likely you are to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

To help, we rounded up a seven simple and stylish ways to soundproof your bedroom, and sleep more soundly. From upholstered headboards to door sweeps, here’s how to score a noise-free room in no time. 

1. Blackout curtains

If you aren’t already hip to blackout curtains, then now’s the time to smarten up. Not only do blackout lined window treatments block unwanted sunlight from entering your room, they’ll help keep annoying outside noises—cars, rowdy partiers, you get the picture—at bay.

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2. Upholstered headboards

Searching for a sophisticated way to insulate your bedroom in a pinch? An upholstered headboard—the bigger the better—will help absorb surrounding vibrations and sounds so you’ll sleep like a baby at night.

3. Layer up on rugs

A few area rugs can go a long way when soundproofing a bedroom. Lay down a few large carpets to better insulate hardwood bedroom floors and score a super cushiony—and quiet—sleeping space.

4. Install a door sweep

Funny how something as small as a door sweep can make such a big impact when soundproofing a space. Install a good old-fashioned door sweep under your bedroom door to ensure no unnecessary hallway noise interrupts you while you sleep.

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5. Use dense bedding

The denser the material, the more sound it can absorb. That’s why bedding made with a closely woven fabric, like our linen quilt, works great for staying snug in bed and subduing noise so you can sleep better at night. 

6. Employ large furnishings

Whether you hang up some large-scale artwork or line your bedroom with extra tall bookcases, large furnishings are a surefire way to insulate your bedroom in a pinch. Cover the wall you share with a noisy neighbor with a couple of bulky pieces of furniture to help absorb the sound.

7. Acoustic panels

When all else fails you can always count on acoustic wall panels to forge a truly soundproof bedroom. Place a few cool decorative ones above your bed in place of a headboard, or hang them like art around your bedroom to score a soundproof bedroom with state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you currently reside in an apartment with noisy neighbors or in a spacious home on a traffic-filled street, creating a soundproof bedroom at home can be essential to the quality of sleep you’re getting.

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