How to Take Your Small Space from Work to Play

How to Take Your Small Space from Work to Play

The luxury of working from home, like staying in your PJs all day and never really needing to get out of bed, are glorious. There’s no doubt about that. But after a while, you may find yourself losing the sense of joy that your home brought to you before it also became your office. This is especially true in a small space where the visible separations between your living and working spaces are limited. We’re here to let you know that getting the vibe of your space from on to off the clock can be done in three simple steps.

Put work away
When you live in a small space, it is possible your work space has dominated your dining table, your living room, or your bedroom. Maybe even all three! To get the lingering sense of work out of your home and enjoy your small space, unplug. 

Managing a healthy work-life balance is tough when work is accessible at all times. But transforming your small space to a place for fun means your work has to get tucked away. Out of sight, out of mind. Consider using aesthetically pleasing boxes, baskets, laptop bag, or making room in your closet to stash your work. The few extra minutes it will take to hide your work each day will make a big difference. 

If you have a home set up that’s not so easy to stash away, consider creating a visual boundary. A room divider or curtain can do the trick. Better yet, a moveable desk can help you push work aside and achieve the vibe you need to enjoy a night or weekend off the clock. 

Set the mood
Getting your space from work to play requires a conscious effort to Act II of your day. Some easy ways to do this are to change the lighting. Lighting has a big impact on your mood and the overall feel of a space. Draw the curtains and make use of your favorite lamps or twinkly lights. 

Candles and oil diffusers are also perfect ways to transition from work to play. Scents transport us to new places, so this simple step can take you far from work to living in your place in a new way. 

Then, make sure the things that make you happy are accessible and visible. If you love an evening of music, your portable speaker or record player should be in a place where you’re reminded to turn it on. If your idea of a fun night is watching a movie, do some research ahead of time to avoid the burnout of the endless Netflix scroll. 

How you’re feeling about yourself plays a big role in how you live in your space. So, wash the work day off of you (literally!). A quick freshening up or outfit change is a great way to break up the day and give you the boost you need to reenter to your living space, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you’re working from, with new intention. 

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