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Interviews | Oct 01, 2020

Meet the Artist: Madelon Verdoorn of Eventide Collective

InterviewsOct 01, 2020

Meet the Artist: Madelon Verdoorn of Eventide Collective

We chatted with Madelon Verdoorn, the Netherlands-based photographer, about her art, sources of inspiration, and how travel informs her sense of style.

Madelon is one of our many partners for Spaces by Brooklinen, an initiative that allows us to collaborate with makers of art, furniture, and other essentials for a personalized living space. Alongside Madelon’s photographs, our assortment of prints features artists from around the world, all sourced from Simply Framed. 

Brooklinen: How did you find your personal artistic style? 
Madelon Verdoorn: I’m not even sure if I have found it yet! It is always evolving, slowly changing. And I love that! It keeps me curious and on my toes. 

What inspires you when designing and styling your home? 
Travel! When returning home I always are extremely inspired and see my home with new eyes! 

How do you create a home you love, and how does the style reflect your personality? 
I love simplicity and a calm base, combined with personal items, touches of color and humor. 

Explain the feeling of seeing your work framed and hung? 
That is absolutely the biggest compliment ever! 

Describe how you hope others experience your work. 
I hope it makes them feel something. 

What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night? 
I hate to admit it but probably check my phone. Working on that though. 

How important is a comfortable workspace and living space to you and how does it affect your work? 
I work from home and I have the ability to work in between mess and dirty dishes. I prefer not to, but it’s a talent to be able to ignore all chaos around me if necessary. 

Langston is the Social Media & Editorial Associate at Brooklinen. With a background in public relations, he’s spent several years building communication strategies with direct-to-consumer startups. In his free time, he likes dancing, making vibey playlists, and collecting lip balms. Follow him on IG @langstondillard.

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